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Hello World


I just wanted to sit down and explain.

2015 has been a really rough year. Family problems, personal problems, everyday problems and you know just life in general. On the night of the 23rd I was sent to the hospital for a knee problem, I ended up home sick for a week (and still on the recovery road for a good 3 months). It was a few days ago and during that time I have made a decision.

On the top of everything I have no internet connexion at home since mid December. I may have to explain that originally I am doing videos on youtube since summer 2014. I am not famous, less than a 100 subscribers but still, loved my beauty channel.  But honestly lately I felt that it was time to stop. I was trying to combine my job, my youtube channel, my bog, my life and my problems. At some point something gave in and it was my health.

I have decided to change. To start the process I need a fresh start and what a better place than a new blog. I feel that I have been there a hundred times, but this time it is a new beginning not just a beginning. I want to start fresh, be sure of what I am doing and take my time. I am in no rush to succeed or make things work, after all internet life is a hobby, a way to express myself so as the joker would say “why so serious ?”.

I wanted to explain to my few subscribers why I am not coming back (yet) and why if I come back it would probably be with another channel. I love youtube, don’t get me wrong nothing major happened but with my non existent internet connexion (so impossible to upload) and my lack of imaginations and awareness toward my channel lately are worrying me.

I just want to be happy. That’s why I got back on the “stationery” wagon. My husband gave me a planner from Kikki-K and it sucked me back in to the addiction straight way. So after a hell lot of stickers hauls on easy, a new me and a brand new blog here I am.

This blog is a lifestyle blog as I have always done in the past few years, no fuss, just me and my favorites subjects such as make up, beauty, planners addictions, food, tv show, movies and of course DONUTS!

So I do not care (ha ha!) if you guys don’t understand my state of mind right now but I feel damn good and very refreshed!

Disclaimer – if you were following me before my user names have changed everywhere on social medias to actually be combined with my blog so same content but different name.




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