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BECCA | Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone | Review


BECCA | Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone | Review

Let’s kick start this new year of 2016 with some highlights in our life.

I got for Christmas that Becca Highlighter from my Husband and trust me you should have seen the stupid smile on my face. I wanted it so bad for many month and honestly I wasn’t disappointed.

I wanted originaly the shade Opal but my Husband had a chat apparently with the sales assistant and he told him to get me that one. He was so right, that shade is way better for me, the other one would have been too golden on me. Thanks God he did wrong but right. (do I make sense?)


Let’s maybe talk about the packaging, shall we ? Sleek, luxurious and one of kind. It is a very expensive highlighter but even if you would expect more fuss surrounding the packaging for that price they have made it pretty simple. I love it, straight to the point, classy and I am not going to lie it looks like a star trek weapon. Love it.

The Mirror is very nice and big and even if it is in my purse the mirror doesn’t get messy or full of product all over it. I don’t know how they do that but I call it witchcraft, in a good way of course.

Now the product, I forgot to mention that I got the pressed version. Correct me if I am wrong but Becca has three different formula. Love the pressed one, easy to apply, travel and through in the purse without getting messy. The formula is based on luminescent pearls which absorb, reflect and retract light. In human words it means that it makes you glow not shine. I think that it is a key feature that a lot of brands tend to forget.

The texture looks powdery (in a good sense) but when you apply it is change texture and becomes really creamy. A tiny bit is enough to highlight every corner of your face so be careful when you apply it.

I have put it to the test several times and the formula claim to adjust to your skintone and blend with your natural skin reflection. It is very true, I have watched  many youtube video and not a single girl has the same glow with the very same product and for me it is a major selling point.

Last but not least, no parabens what so ever so gentle for your skin and there is a slight scent when you smell it but a good one, a fresh one. I love the fact that they didn’t infuse it with rose or any perfume scent, that is a no go zone for me.

Overall I am impressed, happy and in love. This is the best way to start a make up year. Again it is expensive (£28) but worth every single penny. Trust me, run into your nearest Space Nk if you are in London (or on their website) to get you one because any beauty junkie need that highlighter in their collection.



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