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Etsy Sticker Haul #1


Etsy | Sticker Haul | #1

Sticker Haul post are going to be frequent on the blog, I am into organizing my planner (and life) and getting my weeks pretty and full of stickers.

I do not own an Erin Condren planner but I have a Kikki-K and I have to say that it is very easy to adapt all the stickers that you find on ETSY. I will probably do a blogpost about it. I wanted to mention as well that it is only UK shop, I want to keep things easy to find and cheap for everyone if you are Uk based. I will probably do a US haul at some point but the shipping cost are really high so I need to think about it.

With no further do let’s talk about stickers and the shops I have been hauling from.



I ordered the two weekly kit on the picture, one is blue and pink and the other one is more green/brown/peach. The prices are amazing with postage, only £7.08 and the quality is really great for the value. I love small kits like that because I do not have an Erin Condren (yup, repeating myself) so I do not use all the stickers on the big weekly kit that you can find. On my Kikki-K I do have a color theme every month and this month (January) is blue, so the pink and blue one is perfect ! Stay tuned because I will post from tomorrow some pictures on my Instagram because I planned next week with that pink and blue kit. I got a nice sample sheet of stickers as well, so overall really pleased and also very quick in terms of shipping.


I ordered the cute Panties and set of brushes from that shop. It was the first ever stickers I received and I loved it. I have to say that the quality is amazing and the shipping delays so so fast. Not very expensive, around the £5 mark and so cute, I love the fact that the brushes say “clean brushes” and don’t just show off brushes and the panties are huge, not going to lie it is to track my period and I have room to write stuff onto that sticker. I love it, really enjoyed the freebies that come with and I will order again for sure.



This was a late impulse haul. I just fell in love and I am going to save them because I am probably getting my next tattoo later this year and yes it is going to be a dreamcatcher so perfect to set appointment or use it as a count down to the D-day. I paid as much for postage than the stickers but I don’t care, design and quality is amazing, I will keep my eyes peeled and order again because the designs of stickers in that shop are one of a kind. Oh and even if I ordered a tiny sheet of stickers she added a tiny sample, very cute and much appreciated.


I ordered the Valentine Kit from that shop and even if it is expensive I don’t regret it. I was on the hunt for something different, I didn’t wanted something red and pink so this kit has fulfilled my dreams. No fuss, straight forward, lots of full boxes and cute stickers. I can’t wait to plan my Valentines week with that color scheme. The only thing I have to say is that I didn’t receive any sample, I was a bit disappointed and for that matter and the high prices I don’t thing I will order again. I know it can sound stupid but it is the only shop that doesn’t send sample to customers. I did left a good review on etsy because yes the product was awesome and the delivery really fast but if you want me to come back, I need that little extra push and it didn’t happen. That kit plus shipping cost me £5.24 by the way so quite high for a no sample shop.




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