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BIRCHBOX|Pinterest| JANUARY 2016


BIRCHBOX |Pinterest | JANUARY 2016

This month Birchbox teamed up with Pinterest to kick start that new year of 2016. It is all about good resolutions, new products and motivations. I get the idea and I like it. I got 6 items in total plus two lifestyle products. It wasn’t the worst but yet not the best and I am going to explain you why.

Just a quick note on the box, I love it is a breath of fresh air and so great to get inspired, I will sure keep it because it will look lovely on my dresser.


Benefit They’re Real tinted Primer

I get that they probably have a huge partnership with Benefit but I can’t even remember a month without a single Benefit product in my box. Don’t get me wrong, I love the brand but I would love to discover something else. This is a new release, a tinted primer (in an odd brown shade) for your eyelashes. I am very skeptical, not a hater but first I have blonde eyelashes and second usually those products are not really working for me but it is new let’s put it to the test, I will report back of course.

Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener + Waterline

I love anything that will highlight or brighten up my face and this product is amazing because for once it is not white but a nice dusty pink color so maybe this time I will be happy. Not to mention that it is a full size product worth £14.95. I really like that brand, already tried it before through Birchbox and I am very happy to try it again.

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Ultra-Moisturising Hand therapy

I love that brand but sadly I am allergic to seaweed and algae so for me it is a no no. The scent is really strong so beware, not your typical sweet hand cream. I know that Crabtree & Evelyn is an amazing brand so even if it is a miss for me my Mom will love it so that’s ok.


Parlor Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

Parlor, another brand that is recurring. A hit and miss for me, hated the first product I got, loved the second one so can’t wait to put the third one to the test. I don’t really get why we got a generous shampoo sample and a crap conditioner squeezy cheap sample. But no negativity, I will try it, always on the hunt for a good shampoo so very happy.

Absolution L’Eau Soir et Matin

Weird to type in French. Anyway, never heard of the brand but very pricy full size price (£27) so can’t be bad, I hope. Interesting smell very fresh and nutty at the same time, Nuts allergic beware there is Hazelnut oil inside. It is a cleansing water to remove and soothe the skin morning and night so it is always great to try new stuff like that or to keep to go on holiday.

Bonus item : Birchbox Compact Mirror

I don’t even know what to say, it is a mirror. Nice, handy and a bit to much social media for me but why not. You always need a compact mirror in your life.

As another bonus I got 5 cards with some nice inspiring illustration. The artist is Viktorija Semjonova, very nice and colorful. It is a lovely gesture and add on to the box, very pleased about it.


So overall I love it but yet I hope that 2016 will WOW me, I want to discover more and be surprise by the inside of my box more often. I seriously can open a tiny shop and fill it with tiny Benefit sample so it is time for a change. Value of the box is way more expensive than what I have paid of course so I always appreciate that but next month please SURPRISE me Birchbox team.



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