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My First Jo Malone Review


Jo Malone : I Love You

On New Year’s Eve we have celebrated with my Husband 10 years together and he got me my first Jo Malone Candle and a lovely Soap.

I have been literally harassing people to get that for a birthday or a christmas and unfortunately nothing until now. I get it, it’s pricy but now I get why. The scent of the candle is beyond amazing, burning time is incredible and don’t get me started with the soap because it is a blast.

Sweet Almond and Macaroon Home Candle

My husband didn’t know what to get me and he totally forgot that this candle was actually the one I wanted. I thought it was really sweet because it took him a whole afternoon to get me that present and apparently a long time at Jo Malone with the Sales Assistant. He sniffed all the candles and he thought that this candle was the more “me”. I just love him for that thought.

But anyway let’s stop with my so called life and get into the review. When you open the lid the first thing you can smell is the sweet almond, so strong but not overpowering because it only takes a second to get the hint of cherry and the warmth of coconut. When you burn it you are overwhelmed with notes of vanilla which is very cocooning and so relaxing. It’s a small candle (200G) but I guess I will get around 45h of burning time if I am careful. The candle is made with organic products and soy wax so it is just a delightful experience over and over. I am very pleased and for me it is worth the money.

Red Roses Bath Soap

The essence is a blast for the senses. It is a blend of 7 different roses with crushed violet and a hint of lemon so not you typical rose soap. Very soft and gentle for the skin it is not itchy and if you take care of it correctly it can last you a few weeks. Those satin soap are made with Shea butter as a base and mixture of conditioning ingredients. I like the fact that the foam is really rich in fragrance, it will leave your skin soft, refresh and wrapped in the roses scent.


I think it is very pricy but yet a lovely gift and such a luxurious treat for your skin, not your every soap but for a pampering session or to use twice or 3 times a week why not. Also it can be a lovely soap to leave in a guest bathroom or just in the corner of your sink to wash your hands. But frankly, I am selfish so I use it for my own comfort, after all it is my gift.



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