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Best of 2015 : My 15 Favs’

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Best of 2015 // My 15 Favs’

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2015 was THE year of discovery and the year that made in a difference in my make up life. I am approaching the big 30 and I thing I got it all together in terms of make up. Of course I am still learning everyday otherwise life would be very boring but I’d like to share with you what I love throughout the year of 2015. Here is 15 reviews so grab a snack, coffee, tea whatever you fancy and let’s get started.

NYX lip butter gloss
I have discovered those lip butter gloss I think in 2014 but I really got into it in 2015. NYX was hard to get apart from their e-shop but now that we have a corner in Selfridges and a selection on the website it makes thing easier. I love the formula, buttery, smooth and not sticky ! I always carry one in my bag in case I need a pop of colour. They are not very pigmented but for me it is perfect if you need something quick to apply without a mirror. Price wise, you can’t beat it (£5) and there is a lot of colors to choose from.
Favourite colors : vanilla cream pie, maple blonde, cupcake.

MAC Plumful
I think it was in my list for 2014 as well but I couldn’t mention it. It was the colour I have worn the most. It is flattering, gorgeous, long lasting and the right amount in terms of pigmentation. Pair it with a lip liner to make it last even more longer but even without one the formula is great. If I had to leave my house because it’s on fire I would probably grab that particular shade. I purchased it multiple times and it is always in my bag so when you love a colour that much it means something.

Bite beauty pigment pencil in Quince
It is such a massive discovery for me because this year the trend of the liquid lipstick started and trust me I have tried but no matter what is the price or the brand it is a total failure one me. So I had to try new brands in terms of regular lippies. Again most of the pencils out there can be a hit and miss but this one is a winner. Very very very pigmented, gorgeous colour and last so so long. You don’t even need to contour or line your lips, you apply it and that’s it. a bit pricy but worth it.

Colour pop by Clinique in Cherry Pop
It is so weird to actually talk about a sample because I don’t have the full size. I got in for free with the glamour mag and I just fell in love. The formula is very nice on the lips, not sticky and easy to apply. It does not transfer on the lips and stays on for a fair amount of hours. The colors is also very flattering and very fresh, not your typical red colour not too vampy and no orange undertone. The perfect red for me. Not to mention that in the formula they have included a moisturising primer which is quite rare and in one word it “protect” your lips as much at it is pretty.

Kiko automatic lip liner
In general this year has been the (re) discovery of liners. I cannot put any lip product on without a liner and the hunt has been wild, it is pretty hard to find a good formula. I have talked about the Rimmel one over and over and it was in my Favs last year so moving on so Kiko is my new liner dealer. Just over £5 and around ten colors to choose from. These are pigmented, not drying and easy to apply. I love their creamy texture, you can even wear it on its own with a bit of clear lipgloss if you want. Love it !

Collection #BlushandGlow palette
Ok, I admit it this one is a recent one but since I got it around November – December I am using it constantly so for the price it is worth talking about it. Contouring has been a big thing this year and many brands came out with palettes and this one is less than £5 and you have everything you need to contour, bronze and blush your face. A bargain and compare to other brand it is quite easy to bring on the go.

Urban Decay Stray Dog Single Eyeshadow
I am a complicated lady when it comes to eyeshadows, I like my MAC, Nars and Too Faced but I gave this baby a go and I don’t regret it. Urban decay Single eyeshadows are quite pricy but if you need something to wear everyday well don’t look further. I am talking about that colour because honestly I have been wearing it every two days for the past three month. So creamy, blendable and those shadows last FOREVER! I am just a sucker for easy peasy make up sometimes because time in the morning is precious and anything that can make my life easier is always welcome.

Nars Albatross Highlighter
I know, it is a very famous highlighter but I only got it last spring and since then I almost used it exclusively. Such a nice and healthy glow. This highlighter is white so at first it can be scary but try it out and blend it and you will be nicely surprised. I have receive so many compliments and trust me that is the best reward when you are into make up. If you can make it work, you’ll get the best glow ever.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
I got that palette last spring I believe and since there I just use it every single day. You can achieve so many look with that palette, you got every possible colour you need plus some weird but very nice one (purple and bubble gum one). It is quite pricy but trust me once you have it you will use it all the time so it is worth it. It is around the same price range as the naked palette by Urban Decay but much better (in my opinion). I love the formula, the way the shadows blend is like nothing I tried before and it smells like chocolate ! Just a blast.
Bourjois 123 Perfect Colour Correcting Cream
When it comes to foundation in 2015 I have tried a few but unfortunately only two passed the test. This one is not even a foundation but anyway. I love the fact that it is so many things at the same. This Cc cream got a decent amount of cover so with a powder on top you can achieve something really nice, it correct all your imperfections and it makes you glow. In a good way of course, my skin looks way better when I use that product. It’s the kind of product that you use during one of those “oh my God look at my face, what’s wrong with me” day. In a split second it erase everything and makes you feel and look better. Did I mentioned that I love the scent as well ? Fresh and fruity. Love it!

L’Oreal Color Riche Mono Eyeshadows
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it for the first time. They have an amazing range of colors and you can always get them on offer even if the original price is already pretty cheap (around the £5 mark). I loved Colors 2 in particular (Cameleon,Lumber) but they have neutral, bronze and matte as well. The wearability is hard to compete with, it last all day (with a primer or a cream base shadow underneath) and it doesn’t fade away or transfer like (let’s be honest) most of drugstores eyeshadow. I can easily compare it to the MAC quality, no joke.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hrs blush
Do you know how hard is it to find the perfect everyday blush. You know, The one with no shimmer, matte, which is suppose to give and healthy glow, not too crazy pigmented and that will last all day ? Well I got it for you, for an expensive price but sometimes you have to spend a little to get a lot of results back. Not to mention the cute packaging and the endless choice of colors.

Nars dual Intensity Eyeshadows
So far I own only of of them “Dione” but truth is that it is my favourite formula of the year for sure. You can use those baby wet or dry and there is more than 10 gorgeous shades to choose from. Of course it is pricy but if you are not a make up hoarder and you want to splurge your money on few good make up item well, this one is one to get with my blessing. Easy to blend (just your finger tips are needed), last all day and so luminous and va va voom on your eyes.

Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation
This is probably my go to foundation of the year. Such a huge discovery for such a small price. The only problem is that cover girl is only available in the US so to get some more supply it’s going g to be pricy and quite a journey. This foundation is everything, dewy, easy to blend and work with to achieve medium to full coverage and it leaves your skin looking all natural and healthy. It covers all my blemishes in seconds and the wearability is surprising for a drugstore item. If you powder and prime correctly you will not even have to touch up during the day.

Tarte Park Ave Princess palette
I feel it was a Tarte year for me. Anyway last but not least this palette is always no matter what in my bag. I constantly use it to contour/bronze my face and it come with a lovely blush and highlighter so perfect on the go to through in your purse. So here you get three good quality products and honestly the bronzer is Da Bomb. It’s hard for me to find a bronzer that will not turn up too orange or too grey on me and this one got that right amount of “caramel” undertone which match perfectly my complexion. Quality wise, easy to blend, not too pigmented so you can build it up and not look like a clown straight way (which can Happen with bronzer, let’s face it). Good palette combo that I recommend to everyone around me.



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