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Etsy Sticker Haul #2


Etsy | Sticker Haul | #2

Here we go again, this is the second part of my sticker haul. I can’t wait to talk about those hauls, shops owner and of course beautiful stickers. I have to say that I am totally into it now and no I don’t feel like a 6 years old, I am a grown up and I love stickers, that’s it.

Those stickers are from Uk shop Only, it was 4 different orders, so let’s get started.



I am so in love with those stickers. Delivery was cheap and fast and she added a huge sample, well it is more like a spread sheet of freebie, love it! I fell in love with the week end sampler sheet, so cute and well made and then I added to my order those small coffee cups for when I have to buy Nespresso coffee so perfect. Thanks for the freebie, such an amazing surprise, I will for sure order again.



For this order I made an enquiry to get stuff that I wanted and couldn’t find anywhere else. She’s got very low prices (£1.50 a sheet, so bargain) so I didn’t hesitate and order 4 customs plus one of her regular nail polish sheet. She answered very quickly, made the order in short amount of time and communication was really good. Her design are quite simple but I love it, make life easier to plan. No sample but she was so sweet that I will order again because she’s got a lot of convenient sheet of stickers.



I have to start by saying that I was attracted by that donuts sheet of stickers, not going to lie. But I ordered two more, because the color scheme of her stickers in her whole shop is very lovely, love the pastel colors. So far one of the best quality in terms of stickers. Lovely tiny sample sheet as a freebie and just gorgeous overall. The only thing is that delivery takes forever, it was almost 3 weeks so a bit of a miss for me but I will probably order more because I am already in love with the stars checklist and Donuts.



This was my last order to arrive for this haul and the irony it was one of the first shop I ordered from. I love those tiny sheets of stickers so cute and convenient, well cut and extremely good quality. “To Do” stickers are a bit too big but that’s ok, I am going to make it work. Finally the Aztec kit is just cute as a button, Love the color scheme and the quality again is amazing. I was attracted to her shop because those tiny sheet were £1 each so very cheap but the delivery takes forever again and no samples or freebies. Again after almost 3 weeks of stand by I was expecting a little something something. I don’t know if I will order again but Apart from that I am happy. We will see.



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