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Tribute to David Bowie


Ziggy Stardut Is In Heaven Wearing Some Red Shoes

This week has been a very sad week in the Music world. We have lost so many True artists and don’t even get me started on Alan Rickman. But today I wanted to talk about David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust, Pop icon and Music genius.

David Bowie has been a big influence my whole life. I have never been a fan girl, of course I had my moments with some groups when I was a teenager but for me music is precious, personal and very private. I love music so much that I got it tattooed on my skin. I don’t talk much about it because more than anything else in the world it is my only private space.The last two decades were for me in terms of discovery so huge. I have been through phases like every single young adult of course but David Bowie never left my records collection and now my Iphone music playlist.

I remember when I heard my first Bowie song, I was in the car with my parents on my way for our annual holidays in our family house and that song was Rebel Rebel and it has never left my mind since then. I was maybe 6 or 7 I believe and it hit me. My parents were not Bowie fans, my Mom was really into french artists and The Beatles of course and my Dad was an Elvis Presley lover and anything americans such as the Beach Boys or some Country Music. So no, David Bowie wasn’t played at home but when I heard him on the radio, my ears were really pleased.

I don’t know what it is exactly, the melody, his bitter sweet voice or the powerful nonsense lyrics. Of course Bowie was one of a kind and a true unique person. His career was chaotic but yet successful and he truly made an impact on music and people. He has changed so much throughout the years but has he said once “never boring” and it is very true.

If I had to choose one song that would be difficult. On my Playlist right now the most played are “Life on Mars”, “The Man Who Sold The World”, “Ziggy Stardust”, “Rebel Rebel” and “Under Pressure”. So I guess I have to answer the first song, it is a song with a few amount of lyrics but very profound. It is for most teenagers a truly self exploring song that can help you finding whatever part of yourself is missing from the puzzle. I remember being around 16 or maybe 17 and listening to that song thinking that no I will never loose control and that yes I was going to die alone, but it is part of life, right ? So as stupid as it can sound well David Bowie made me think and reconsider myself many times.



Now that I am almost 30 well I haven’t figured out nothing trust me but Music has been a therapy for sure. David Bowie, brought me so much friendships as a plus and I cannot mention my High School friend R. She was a big fan and herself a singer and a musician and she was very inspired by bowie and his Ziggy Stardust character, it was a blast and joy watching her making music with his world of insanity in mind. Also when I arrived in London one of my co-worker was I think (so far) his number one fan and admirer. He was himself a unique person and a very talented artist and I am pretty sure that when David Bowie died he was devastated. I remember him with his Ziggy Stardust Wig, guitar in one hand, leather pants and beautiful voice. He was doing amazing covers and of course The Man Who Sold The World was my number one favorite.

I have a true (secret!) passion for Glam Rock, an era long gone but Bowie was the King. If you haven’t watched “Velvet Goldmine” stop everything and get yourself netflix. It is a true tribute to David Bowie and the Glam Rock years in England. I don’t know again what it is about it, maybe the glitters, the spiritual songs or simply the freedom of being whoever you want to be. With Bowie gone, I feel that a piece of the Music History is also gone.

I have just posted a picture on my instagram and I wasn’t planning on writing any article on it because I thought it was too presumptuous to talk about him so soon and out of the blue. But I guess fate happened, because the street artist Banksy made a lovely piece of art at the entrance of my street. I stopped for a minute, took a picture of course and realized that I had to write something, share my emotions because the odds were in my favors.

I don’t even know where to continue or if I have to stop here. I could carry on talking about his songs for hours, honestly this guy was everything. I don’t think that a lot of people will remember him in the right way. Young generations will probably hear a song at some point but they will never know who exactly was David Bowie. It sad of course but at least he left us with a 40 years career in the music industry, beautiful songs and iconic moments on screen and on stage.

I am very proud to be British in my heart because I live here. I get to share that common loss that all Londoners are feeling right now and it is precious. Being part of the beginning or the end of something is magical. As I said I will not take part in any remembering memorial or tribute concert but I will carry on listening to him in my own way and private space.


I am just going to leave you with my favourite Quote because it is the best way to pay my respects to this amazing but yet alien artist.

“I aways had a repulsive sort of need to be something more than human. I felt very very puny as a human. I thought, “Fuck that. I want to be a superman.”

Mission Accomplished, You have been a Hero and for more than one day.




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