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My 2016 (Make Up) Wishlist


Wishlist 2016 | Make Up

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This year I have decided to re focus my make up collection. I have never been a professional nor a beauty guru on YouTube but I have tried my best and my collection has grown so much that it is hard for me to follow.

Few weeks ago I have tossed away a lot of things and no I didn’t do an article or at the time a video. I want to start fresh, choose wisely and stop splurging my money. I would love to be one of those girls that get everything, test it and report. Truth is I can’t really afford anymore to do that and that would be fine if I had products sent to me or a bank account that can follow but it is not the case.

Don’t get me wrong, I will not stop getting make up (Hell No!) because it is one of my “heathy” addiction but I will think twice before getting something and make sure I will use it. I also feel that my skin is changing, my tastes are involving and in a nutshell well this year I’m a turning 30. It is time to grow up (sort of) and get my S***! together.

Now that being said I am craving high end products. Of course I still have tones of drugstore favourites but I can’t even begin to explain how exiting I am when it comes to luxurious brands. Sorry but most of the time they get it better that’s it. Some products
are rubbish for the price I agree but overall come on let’s be honest we are all attracted to high end, period.

I feel this year is the Charlotte Tilbury year for me. I only got a lipstick that I adore so I would love to dig further. There is a lot of hype around her foundation (The Light Wonder), everybody is saying good stuff about it and I haven’t heard yet a bad review. I am still on the hunt for the perfect healthy/glowy looking foundation so I am very curious about that one. Also I need in my life her “Pillow Talk” lip pencil. My beloved “Eastend Snob” from Rimmel is a dupe for that product so I would love to see which one I like the most because one is £16 and be other one is £3.99. Charlotte Tilbury lipgloss are gorgeous, I feel this can be the year of the real come back of lipgloss. I have found some good brands but overseas, that would be great to find good things here in London.

Too Faced is also always on my Wishlist no matter what because they always come up with new things but this year I want to complete my collection of chocolate bar. I have the original (that I adore!) and the formula is just beyond amazing. Just check my 2015 favourites, I wrote a mini review. Now, this year they have released the chocolate bonbon and let’s face it, if the formula is also amazing the cute packaging is not helping to not splurge your money.

Now I am into seriously invest in my highlight game because let’s pause and be honest two seconds because my two all time Favs in make up are lippies and highlighters so it is time the add newbies to the collection. That being said I need some Hourglass highlighter in my life, I’ve seen them everywhere so now that the trend is a bit over I want it. I can’t help it I am like that, never on trend always late and proud of it.

Nars was also very big last year for me and I want to dig further into the brand this year because I just loved what I got. I am very curious about their lipsticks, quite pricy but I want to try them because I have no reason and again I love lippies. There is a few shades that I have in mind but I haven’t really swatched anything yet properly. On the eyeshadow side I want to try more of their dual intensity single eyeshadow. There is a strong love between me and this formula so I am curious about those colors.

Urban Decay is also a brand I have been aware off for ages (I do own the Alice in Wonderland palette that was so popular back in the days!) but apart from the few items I have I don’t really own anything and I got in the fall time a single eyeshadow at Sephora and I fell in love again. I am already a sucker for their well known eyeshadow primer and their basic naked palette but this year I want to try more. Urban Decay here I come.

Tarte has been a brand I have totally discovered in 2015 thanks to my Mum. She brought me a tone of make up from the US and I was lucky enough to try four different products of their range. I loved everything apart form the mascara (link here, I did a review on my old blog) and I was really pleased with the Matte poppy picnic eyeshadows palette. I am truly lacking in terms of matte shades and this palette would be perfect. So brace yourself I know Tarte is not available in Europe (I hear ya folks !) but websites like or simply stock some items. QVC is a better bet because it is secure, cheaper and they stock that palette for a regular price.

Now perfume, I didn’t know where to put that so I thought it would be nice to end on a good note ( catch that joke “note” wink wink). Last time I was in a Sephora in france I had the chance to try out that perfume (Nina Ricci, Les Délices de Nina) and what a discovery. Nina Ricci is not usually my cup of tea, too floral and not very strong but I can’t help it, sweet scents are always my weak point. It’s hard to describe a perfume so I leave you a link. All I can say is that it is very strong and sweet but not overpowering, it has a delicate warm heart that I love. The only thing is that it is limited edition and I don’t even know if it is available in the U.K. But I will leave a link if it is.


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