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I am an Addict…Of T.V Shows


My name is Allie, I am 29 years old and today I wanted to come clean. I have an addiction to TV Shows. Let me just highlight the fact that it is an healthy addiction because number 1 I am very picky and number 2 I do watch stuff on my own and some with my husband so balance is restored all the time.

It has all started when I was a teenager with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends, Oh my ! I was a true fan girl, let me tell ya folks! Since then well I have been in love with more than one story and more than one type of show. Of course my weakest point are vampires, supernatural and all that jazz but love a good laugh or a good family show.

So to build up a little background story throughout the years I have watched : Charmed, Revolution, The 44000, 7 heaven, The Nanny, Under the dome, Angel, Smallville, the pretender, My so called life, 90210, Lizzie Mcguire, Dawson Creek, Degrassi, Instant Star, Roswell, Ravenswood, Sister Sister, Grimm, True Blood, the following and many many more. It is just to name a few so you get the idea, how crazy I am.

I have been through phases, trend and love at first sight. In terms of TV Shows of course. But I am always craving for more. Few days ago I have finished Being Human US and it broke my heart because I have grown so attached of the characters, I literally was not happy. I hate when a show ends, especially after many seasons. It feels like I am loosing a family member, really strange feeling.

These Days I am following 7 shows on my own (they all have been renewed so I am very Happy) and 8 Shows (Wait 7, Being Human US is over) plus the new Xfiles coming with my Husband. I don’t know why but I need to watch a show when I am off, when I get ready, when I eat, when I clean or simply when I want to get some “me” time. Plus I get close to the characters and the story way too quickly when I like it so I need to know more.

I love supernatural but I like good stories with a solid background and great actors so don’t even talk to me about Vampire Diaries. Lately my thing has been werewolf and Bitten is a great new show, not totally a fan of the CGI wolves but the story line is very interesting and the actors very convincing. Also witches are and will always be my secret thing, The Witches of East End is so so good, I can’t stop watching it, I have devour the first season in few days and now I getting into the second season so quickly it is just so gripping. Now I am already thinking about the next show I need to watch and thanks God, Netflix is always here for me.

Now I never follow the trend, I have never been a big fan of shows like “Lost” or “Game of Thrones” or “Gossip Girl”. I tried, I swear but I either fell asleep or got bored. I am also not a fan a costume TV Shows, anything relating to ancient history like “The Tudors” are just not getting my attention. Not my thing, like at all.

With my husband we have a lot of common interest but yet I like to mind my own business from time to time. We like to follow together Once upon a time, Gotham, The Strain, American Horror Stories, Fear the Walking Dead or Weirdly Pretty Little Liars, yes he loves it, that is why I married him. Such a dork !

Even if I am true Superheroes fan I do not had a big interest yet on Shows like Arrows, Daredevil or the Flash. I tried but there is something missing that I don’t like, maybe I know the stories too much but sometimes I don’t like the main character, which can be a huge problem.

On the normal side of life I also like to watch drama like Switched at Birth or The Fosters. I don’t even talk about Jane the Virgin because I was so hooked up to it that at the time I have lost track of time. I like true stories alongside supernatural, hello! it’s me, I am weird and I assume it. I love when things are well written and of course I love a good laugh, Big Bang Theory is just ridiculously good.

It is important to mention that I am also a “Hater” some of the TV Shows I love to watch were a “no way” to begin with. The Walking Dead, Lord it was a true journey. After the first season I have just surrendered to the fact that I was bored but I got hooked up again last year and now I can’t get enough of it (Thanks my dear Serden!). Same for Being Human US, at first I told my Husband “not another stupid vampire show”. Well I ended up crying for the last episode.

I also got on the PLL wagon very late, I really thought it was again “one of those teenage show” and I was so so wrong. Ok, maybe a little but it is my own dirty little secret, wait our own and we’re getting so into each episode it is crazy. I really love the main story, cliff hangers and mystery, honestly give it go because I was hooked from the first episode.

All that being say yes I am an addict. I love movies, don’t get me wrong but the closure you are getting by watching a TV Show is way more different and deeper. I would love to know what kind of show you guys are watching, if you have any recommendation and if you are watching the same shows please share your thoughts.




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