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Maybelline Superstay 24h Foundation Review


Maybelline Superstay 24h Foundation 

Lately Maybelline came out with some newbies on the market. I believe that this foundation already existed but they have changed the formula, packaging and everything. They also had the powder and fixing spray (or primer?) but I didn’t wanted to fill my wild side her. I stayed a good girl and choose only the foundation in the shade Ivory 10.

The formula claim to be transfer resistant, flawless up to 24h, moves with your skin and withstands heat and sweat. Nice I love it, now is it working ? That is the tricky question but yet I am going to try and answer it.

Let’s start with the only (but big!) bad thing about that foundation and it is the fact that it comes only in 6 shades. I have picked Ivory 10 but Sand 30 could be also a good match.  Ivory 10 is a tiny bit yellow but I mixed it with and highlighting cream from the brand Simple to alter the color and it works wonder. Sand 30 is more on the pink side which would be great as well, I am thinking about getting it and mixing both. So 6 shades, please what a joke plus if you have a darker skin you can forget about it.


The formula is incredible. Glides on easily, you can build it up for more coverage and it stays all day long for sure. I had a day when I woke up a 6am and went to bed at like 1am so almost 20h with the foundation on and let me tell you that my foundation was still there on my cotton pad. Now of course you have to powder especially if you are oily in your T zone like me. The look you get is very glowy, which I am a 100% a fan of lately. I don’t want to look too matte or too shiny. I like to have that healthy “hey I just came back from 2 weeks in Hawaii” glow on my face and this foundation is giving me that.

The packaging is very heavy and I love the pump, easy to use and very neat. Personally I use 2 pumps and I am ok for my full face. On the website they advice you to use your fingertips, not that I don’t like to use my fingers but my real technic sponge is doing the exact (even better!) job and my fingers stays clean. But I like the fact that you don’t need it which is not that common among the foundation family out there, usually only BB/CC or tinted moisturizer can only be applied with fingers. There is rules girls!

The price is reasonable but quite pricy for Maybelline in my opinion (£8.99) but worth every penny to me. I am trying really hard to find the foundation of wonders in drugstore price and so far this one has blown my mind. I just wish they came out with more colors because it is frustrating. Oh and this foundation got an SPF 19, I know we are in London but it is always good to protect your skin so it is quite a great feature.



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