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The Plump Planner Stickers Haul


➸ The Plump Planner Stickers Haul

I wanted to dedicate a whole article on that shop on Etsy because it is really hard to find good quality stickers at a normal price with a lot of choices. I know I am asking for a lot but The Plump Planner is ticking all the boxes.

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She is not open all the time, bless her heart because this is not her main job. She opens for a few day and work on all the orders, create new designs, open again and now you probably get what I mean. She is now closed (at the time I am writing this blogpost) but she is going to re open soon and I can’t wait. She is a clever bunny because I am sure the opening time will be around payday. Not complaining at all!

So I ordered 6 weekly design kit and 4 other design such as TV for TV Shows reminder and Laptop for when I have to post a blogpost. I am thrilled and very happy, the quality is awesome and the colors are very soft and the designs are so cute. I love her weekly Kits, The Walking Dead one is really unique and the Donuts one let’s just not about it : I Love It!


I love the fact that even if she is overwhelmed with orders she took the time to let me know that she was running a little bit behind and even if she is very popular well she is sending orders quite fast compare to other shop. I hate to wait 3 weeks for 3 sheets of stickers, like really ?

But Karen is very sweet and efficient. She has also upgraded my order to a first class delivery to apologies, she was not obliged because technically she was still in the 7-10 working days delay that she states on her shop but I appreciate the gesture.

There was no sample sheets what so ever but I don’t mind at all, She gave me a code for my next delivery that I can’t wait to use but anyways I would have ordered.

Her prices are great, so great that you end up buying half of the shop. Every kit is under £2 and her planning designs such as tv or laptop comes on 2 sheets in so many colors it is insane. I have paid way much more for less stickers so for me it is a very good deal.

My last thought would be a big thank you to Karen for her great design, sweet approach on Etsy and competitive price. No Uk sellers can compete with her, that is why I wanted to share that with you and give her a big Shout out. I am not sponsored or anything, I just really like that store.

Now go get yourself some nice stickers guys :

The Plump Planner



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