What a Girl Want (for 2016!)

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What a Girl Want for 2016

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I have to say that I can’t get enough of polyvore. It is a drug, an addiction and such a good way to keep track of everything. I wanted to gathered a few things that I have loved recently so I could talk about them here and maybe give you some ideas. It’s kind of a general Wishlist for 2016 so now you can see with your own eyes that again my moods for this year are minty, donuts related and very sweet.


First let’s talk about my favorite brand ever in terms of bags and accessories (after Cath Kidston, of course!) : Fossil. This year Spring/Summer collection is just awesome and the colors are beyond amazing. The bag is called Emerson Satchel and it is one of their biggest, love it ! The contrast between the brown and mint (not going to lie it looks like a giant pistachio!), the shape but price, Dear Lord! Maybe a generous soul will think about me around Valentine’s time or wedding anniversary, who knows! Now that wallet is just perfect, I need to get a new one mine is like 4 years old and need to retire properly and of course it is matching the bag. They have a nice collection of key chain but I am very disappointed because #1 the price is higher, #2 no more keys ? But no complains they brought back mint color bags so I am very happy.

Skinny Dip is also a Brand that I need to dig further into. The shops in London are scary I have to admit! Seriously, too hipster, empty and trendy and that is the main reason I have never bought anything. But their Cat-Nut case and coin purse are really tempting, very affordable such a good gift for a cat, donuts lover or both at the same time (like me!). Love also their unicorn make up bag, would love that to travel so I really have to get a closer look at it.

The Library of Fragrance is a discovery I haven’t yet done. It is available on the boots website only so buying any kind of perfume without smelling it is a big bet and I dunno I have to decide myself to do so. It is really tempting because they have a get two for £25 offer and I am trying hard to resist. That brand got many different scent but Vanilla Cake Batter and Pistachio Ice Cream are at the top of my list.

Vans is releasing a new collection called “late night” with statement print such as cupcakes, pizza, macaroon, burgers and DONUTS! I need those in my life and I have just discovered that if you go in the kids section on the website they have the slip on version and the size are going up to a uk 5 which is my size so why not, the price is also cheaper! I am so in love with those trainers, it would be perfect for spring!

That is it I am not asking or wishing for a million things, just a few ! Now tell me what you guys are wishing for this year, as per usual I am very curious!





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