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Kiko Haul and First Impressions


Kiko Haul – First Impressions

I am not going to lie at first I wasn’t planning on getting anything from Kiko but at the same time I had a list of things waiting on my phone so it was the occasion and Well do I really have to find any reasons to buy make up ? Most of it was on sale and It’s been a while since I got anything from that Brand so let’s get started.


Water Eyeshadow – 204 Plum

I wanted to get my hands on one of those shadows for ages because to me they look like a dupe of the Nars dual intensity. The amount of product is bigger and it is a fraction of the Nars price so why not. You can use that baby wet or dry and the formula is very rich and pigmented. The texture is smooth and very creamy, I love the fact that you can build it up and use it in your own way. Not to mention it is paraben free and that they have so many shades to choose from.


 Infinity Eyeshadow – 204 Mat Apricot

I wanted to find a color I could use on the go or when I go on holidays to blend in my crease  and that would match many different color I use on a daily basis. I do have a favorite transition color but it is in the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette so Kind of annoying to bring with me. This Apricot shade is perfect, creamy and you can pair it with a brown, a bronze, a plum and even a smokey eye. It comes with no packaging so you can buy one or attached it to one of your Z palette on the go. I love the tiny price and the amount of product you get. They have tones of shades to choose from so if you want to build your very own palette for a small price go for it.


Temptress Lip set – 

I already had a crush on that set when it was full price but didn’t want to splurge my money on a Kiko Lipstick and lip liner. But now that those sets are half price why not, such a good bargain. The color is creamy and amazing and the lip pencil is an automatic one so I love it. I just love when Kiko brings out sets with everything matching, I thing I am kind of getting obsessed with lip liner and this brand has fulfilled my every wild dreams so far. The packing is also magnetic so very nice and let’s talk about the color, it is a very bright raspberry color with a tiny plum undertone, love it for spring!


Best Friend Forever Collection

Endless Love Lipstick and Liner in Cute Cherry

Love that collection and the idea/packaging is so so cute. I never had any lipstick with that kind of shape and i am not going to lie, it brakes my heart to use that gorgeous heart lipstick. The collection of lipstick/lip liner is very affordable and the formula is amazing. Creamy, enriched with bixa orellana seed extract, which means that it nourish and protect your lips at the same time that is looks pigmented and pretty. Love the concept, love the color range of vivid pink/red and plum. Perfect for now or this upcoming spring.



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