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Garnier BB Eye Roll On Light Review


Garnier BB Eye Roll On Light 7ml

I bought that tiny tube on an impulse because let’s be real, when a girl is alone in a drugstore well things can get out of control especially when expensive items are on offers. And it was the case with that Garner BB eye roll.The original retail price is close to the £10 so slightly expensive for a tiny 7ml tube. But it was half price so why not. I love to try on new things and I am always on the hunt for eye products because I need to hide my big dark circles.

This is a confusing product like all the BB related products. It is a mix between skin care and make up. Obviously when you use it for the first time colors will come out of the tube so don’t be surprised. It is not just an eye cream it is also a concealer.

So the selling point to me was the “Reduce the appearance of bags, dark circles and signs of fatigue” because check, check and check I suffer from all of this. It comes in two tones, light and dark which is great but I guess not for everybody. The first time I used it I was blown away because the dark was completely erased from underneath my eyes. I even called my husband and he said “Geez, did you use witchcraft of something, that’s amazing!” and indeed it was.

Now that I have been using it for a couple of weeks I can finally say how it really works and what are the pros and cons. First of all the applicator is just a nightmare because it’s roller and considering that it is a tinted eye cream the choice of packaging was really poor. It is messy and you end up wasting a lot of product and that is not hygienic at all! If you try to clean it you will loose so much or product and bear in mind that it is a tiny squeeze tube so beware !

By all means, it is not a terrible product at all! I am a bit too harsh but it doesn’t replace your eye cream nor your concealer. Now you are probably asking yourself “so when am I using it?”. The answer is on a no make up, make up day or when you are doing a very full make up look as an extra step. To be quite honest, on a daily basis you don’t really need it at all because you will have to go over anyway with you concealer.

I don’t think I will purchase again that product unless the price drop even cheaper. It is not a life changing product but it didn’t do anything wrong to my skin. Although, I would recommend warmly that BB eye cream to every young girl because it is perfect for a natural light weight look when you start to put make up on.





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