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Charlotte Tilbury New Lipstick : Kiss Chase


Charlotte Tilbury is my new Goddess in terms of lip products. No joke, she has the best stuff out there and the quality is beyond amazing. Let just say that it is worth every penny you spend and honestly for THAT quality you won’t regret the £23 you have just splurged.


Recently the Brand came out with two limited edition colors and those colors names were chosen by customers (how cute is that concept!) and when I was wondering around the shop in Covent Garden I swatched innocently “Kiss Chase” without knowing anything about the limited edition fact or the formula and my heart exploded with joy. Ok I might exaggerate a little bit but for a make up addict you perfectly know what I mean. Unfortunately when I made my way toward the sale assistant to ask for the lipstick it was sold out (Bummer!) but That lovely guy (shout out to him because I didn’t get his name at all but he was a sweetheart) took my name and phone number and told me it would probably come back in a few days. My heart was so crushed but few days later I got the call and the lipstick was waiting for me. I wanted to tell that story because I am myself a sale assistant and it is really rare to be served by nice and truly dedicated people in London. That Guy was really on it and I was so happy.


Anyway let’s get back to the review shall we. Kiss Chase is an exclusive and i guess Limited Edition color. You can only get it from the website and the Covent Garden Store so if you are in London, I highly recommend you to go there and swatch it. Charlotte herself describes it as a Tawny Berry hue, it is for me a lovely plum-berry color with a slight red tone. Jus perfect for every single season of the year. I already own one of the matte revolution one and I adore it but this one is part of the more hydrating, creamy range called K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

The formula claims to be enriched with a special ingredient called the lipstick tree. I have made my research and it is a tropical plant made to protect and soothe your lips from any external agressions such as UV damage, stress, or cold. It leaves the lips soft, hydrated and very pouty. It is a natural ingredient originally used by Indigenous Americans to paint and protect their lips, which is great because no chemicals are involved.


I tried to snap you different angles so you can se the color in action on my lips. I do not wear anything underneath (so no lip liner, plumer or lip butter), as you can see my lips are full and generous which is amazing considering the original state of my lips.

The formula in terms of color is a light-diffusing pigments innovation, it is nothing like I ever tried before. It capture the light and reflect it back which means that depends on your make up, weather, or skin condition the color will never be the same.

A special blend of waxes make it easy to apply, it glides on beautifully and in one swipe you get the color on your skin. It is also a very rich pigmented build able color. You can go very light for a no make up, make up day or go for a full colored lip if you want to whole she-bang.

As a very big plus it does not bleed outside of the lines of your lips (High Five for that!) and it is Paraben free. I mean, what not to love about it ? It is such a blast to discover a new Lipstick love interest. I am really thrilled because sometimes your splurge your money and when you put it to the test well it is a disaster. But this lipstick is just perfect and the packaging so so luxurious and feminine.

Last but not least it smells like vanilla cake batter, My other one does too so I guess it is a constant in her lip products and I am not complaining I love it to bits. Anything sweet, yes please! Just take my money.



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