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Zoolander 2 Review


I took my time to do that review because Zoolander is kind of a cult classic for me. I can watch that movie over and over without being bored so when I was told that a sequel was coming I was thrilled. Same actors mixed with new ones and honestly haters can just shut the hell up because even if they used a lot of catch phrases from the old one it is still a ridiculously good movie.

I haven’t read any comments or review about the movie because I wanted to truly give my own opinion without being brain corrupt by stupid ideas. I truly loved the movie, maybe it was because it took me back 15 years ago and I do miss my teenage years and all the jazz that was going on but I guess it is ok and that it was the main point of doing a sequel.

I am not going to sum up the movie here, google exist guys do it! I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone but all I can say is that it was good to see them all back. Let’s be real yes they use the same jokes, yes the movie is build on the kind of same scenario but at the end of the day (yes spoiler alert) they kill off Justin Bieber and that was the highlight of my entire life.


Jokes apart I love the fact that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson still got that thing going on between them. Hair and make up helps a lot but the look like they haven’t aged a bit and that is hilarious. Will Ferrell is even more crazier than the first time and I love it, Mugatu is my favorite satyr Vilain ever. That guy is just crazy and it was amazing to see that character back on screen.

People tend to forget that this movie is absurd. In 2001 they were making fun of the people and trend around them at that time and they did the same thing here with the selfie stick, selfies, iphones, pop stars etc… And to me it is brilliant they have capture this generation very well another time.

Don’t even get me started on Benedict Cumberbatch, “All is all” and “All is Done” I am still Laughing out loud, seriously that cameo was priceless. I do believe that some Cameo were stupid, I was looking for better artists than Demi Lovato or Ariana Grande. Such a shame but I guess it is just the way it is.31c15abe-82a9-465a-bc42-5762d2f20590-bestSizeAvailable

Now I do prefer the first movie, I am not going to lie because first it is not new so that movie is lacking in “newness” but again it is a sequel that is pretty normal. The plot is a bit all over the place I agree but it is not a James Bond guys, were are talking about Zoolander here. As I said I don’t understand all the hate I have heard because personally I was thrilled and I took the movie the way it was presented to me.

Now if you are in your 30’s like me and you are from the first generation of Zoolander Fan well go get yourself an opinion and believe me it is overall a pleasure to see them all back on screen for one more time.

Just Sayin’ But Hansel….He’s so Hot right now. Peace Amigos!



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