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February Favourites

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February Favourites

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First I wanted to say that I’ve made great discovery this month. I had a week of holidays and as I didn’t go anywhere I had a nice wonder around in our wonderful city of London. So I did a little shopping and to be fair it was so worth it being broke now. Joke apart there is a few items so let’s get crack on.

Nivea coconut lip butter is hence down my holly grill in terms of lip butter at the moment. I still love my Carmex Vanilla one but this one is more gentle and less waxy. I got it in France so sorry if I am tempting you but it is not available in the Uk. Last time I got so much stuff that I only try it and now and what a great product. Smell amazing and not fake and as I said texture is very soothing and soft, leaves lips nourished and hydrated.

Bourjois healthy balance powder is I think my fav’ of all time because I haven’t bought anything in month. I use it every day and that powder never failed me in any circumstances. I love the thin packaging, the smell of the powder and of course the strong but light coverage at the same time. It is around the £10 mark so very affordable and will last you several month. Trust me I do my make up almost every day.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk lip liner is so damn good. I will dedicate a whole post on it so I am not going to ramble to much about here. It is not an automatic pencil but it is so creamy, pigmented and easy to apply. I really love the texture and the fact that you can wear it on its own or underneath a lipstick. It is a lip cheat so it also makes your lip fuller. Just love the concept and it is really affordable for a high end make up brand.

Maybelline brow pencil in blonde was a huge discovery. Very cheap (£2.99) and very nice hash blonde colour because trust me when you are a blonde it is really hard to find the right colour. I love he spooly end and the texture, I can do my brows in like 30sec max so it’s a huge discovery for me and gain of time.

Kat Von D tattoo liner in black was my go to eye make up this month. I am not always putting on eyeliner but I’m going through make up phase I guess and this month it was mostly a nude eyelid, eyeliner and macara ! So I needed to mention it even if it is not new. It is very black and it is so easy so get a fine line, it glides on like nobody’s buisness.

I got two favourite lippies this month. The first one is from Clinique and it is one of the Pop Lipstick in Plum pop. I love so much the formula of those lipstick, it is insane! It’s like the Revlon lip butter but ten times better (and I love those babies!). It protect, hydrate and prime and the big plus is an insane amount of pigment. It is so nice that you can use a lip liner but it is so not necessary because it doesn’t bleed or transfer.

My second go to lippy is Kiss Chase by Charlotte Tilbury. I did a whole post on it
And I’ve going on and on about it on Instagram so here I am going to be quick.
The formula is creamy and the colour one of Kind; nothing can compare ! I love it so much that I’ve been going back and forth Between this on and the Clinique pop lipstick.

The balm is a brand that people praise for a couple of stuff like their so very famous highlighter but apart from that I don’t hear a lot about it. I got in my Birchbox this month a sample of the Frat Boy Blush and I’m using it very often since then. The colour is nothing special but the formula is easy to blend and apply. I love that it stays on all day without touch up. Really I’m impressed !

Kiko water eyeshadows are amazing. I picked up a deep but bright plum color and now I want more. You can use wet or dry and it give you such a bright luminosity that you are not expecting. It last all day long without moving at all and it is so creamy and blendable, a dream come true for an affordable price. I am saying that because it is a true dupe for the Nars dual intensity eyeshadows that I adore for a fraction of the price, trust me. The packaging is also very luxurious and sleek.

When I was sick my Hubby got me a mini set from the SS15 of the Essie spring summer collection, I guess he got in TKMaxx and what a lovely discovery. I fell in love with petal pushers which is a deep grey with a strong denim blue reflection. It is perfect because it match all my outfits at work. I have been wearing exclusively that color or naked nails during the past month, crazy!

That is it, another great discovery month full of great surprises and life changing products. I feel I am saying that every month but who doesn’t like a good favourite blogpost ? For me it is the best to discover new products because if people are loving them for a month there is a strong good reason.



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