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New TV Show Alert


New TV Show Alert

I know that I have recently done a post about TV shows but since then my addiction got bigger. To be fair some of my shows are over, cancelled or not yet back so I needed to fulfill my addiction.

Unfortunately the revival of XFiles is over and I am so sad, 6 episodes was way to short but when I checked if the episodes were ready on the Fox Channel website I realised that there was new shows and we started watching them. Then I have been all over the Internet like Amc, Freeform etc… To check what’s new and there is a tone of great new Tv Shows.


Let’s start with Lucifer shall we ? I think it is my favourite of the new shows I am watching. The actor playing Lucifer Morning Star (Tom Ellis) is just brilliant and hilarious. I like the whole cast and even if again you know there is nothing really extraordinary in Lucifer coming back from Hell well I do enjoy the jokes, plots and acting. I would recommend to everyone very warmly Lucifer unless your are really religious because of course it is not appropriate but for all the pagans around the world, Hell yeah !


The next one is also a Fox show like Lucifer (totally forgot to mention that) and it is very different. I have surprised myself watching Scream Queens. It is a really good show believe me and I just love Emma Roberts Bitchiness more than anything in the world guys. The cast of Jamie Lee Curtis is really unexpected but turns out to be really good and fun. I just love how cliche this show is and how they picture our current society. Honestly I wasn’t expecting that and I do want to watch more every time I finish an Episode so if it is not a sign, I don’t know what it is !


The third show I love is Supergirl and trust me I was really angry to not know anything about that show. I discovered it while watching another show. Crazy I know but anyway I love the actress playing Kara. Very fresh and full of energy. She is more or less exactly what I was expecting from a Supergirl on screen. It is really well shot and my God it is so good to see Calista Flockart back in a Tv Show. Love it to bits! Hope it will last 10 seasons like Smallville (oh I miss Smallville!).


The last show and the fourth one is Z Nation but I don’t what to think yet. It’s probably really premature to do a review because I have watched only 1 episode so far but I think I’m going to carry on watching. So you know the drill it is the zombie apocalypse and bla bla bla. But this time ain’t no walking dead guys ! People are kind of ready and the zombies are more like monsters than stupid sloth ! There is even a scene with a zombie baby that made me laugh so hard ! Yes I know spoiler alert ! But honestly watch it if you can because it is promising.



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