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Alright alright ! I know, brows are everywhere and you are probably tired of seing brow related post but this time let me get you attention on the “DRUGSTORE” fact so yes those products are cheap, affordable and wonderful so do you need to step up a bit in your brow game but don’t want to splurge your money on Anastasia Beverly Hills or Benefit ? Well this review is for you my lovelies.


First let’s start with the go to Drugstore brands such as Rimmel London and Maybelline. Because those products are my go to every day basis products and those are amazing stuff and honestly nothing can’t compete (yet!) with the formula, color and prices.

The Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel Blonde is clearly a dupe for the Benefit “Give me brow” but for a fraction of the price. I do have weird eyebrows, the color is not even the color of my natural hair (which is dark blonde) and the shape is a mess so hard to actually tame on a daily basis. That is my I wasn’t actually doing my brows before I discover this product. So my eyebrows are short, bushy and kind of hash grey color so finding a matching color is hell on earth. I need a really light color and so far Rimmel are the only brand with such a light shade in their range. It is a really perfect matching color, easy to apply, fill every hole in my brows and does not have the waxy weird texture. It also last forever, I bought it in November or even October I believe and I still use it, such a surprise! The price is tiny (£3.99) and the only downside is that whenever I got o Boots or Superdrug I can never find the blonde one, they tend to stock only dark colors but I can still order online so no big deal.

The Maybelline Master Brow in Dark Blonde is that! Very cheap (£2.99), match perfectly and got a spooly wand at the end which is in my knowledge the only drugstore product in the Uk to do that. I am just very upset because the size is tiny, if like me you work 5 days a week which means that you do your make up 5 times a week that eye brow pencil will last a month max. It is a bummer I know but I guess that it is ok because you are not breaking the bank too much. I love how I can easily create a shape with that pencil, it’s very smooth and buildable in intensity. A really lovely drugstore discovery!


Now I tried recently to look up at cheaper brands like MUA and honestly I have found some gems, it is even better in terms of price and the quality is there but, yes there is a but read carefully below.

The MUA Mascara Brow in Fair is very similar so the maybelline although the price is cut in Half. (£2). The color is a tiny bit more grey but it is not a problem, if you fix it with a brow pencil afterward. But the quality is the same, very dewy and easy to apply and the amount is the same so it will last you forever. They don’t really have much of a choice in terms of colors, in store they have dark and fair but honestly I don’t expect a range of 10 shades for that price. MUA is surprising me all the time because it is a hit and miss brand but today it is beyond any of my expectations!

The MUA Eyebrow Pen in blonde is Ok, handy and smooth but not the best in terms of color. The price is ridiculous (£1) but same as the mascara brow you don’t get a tones of shades and unfortunately that shade is a little bit too orange for me. I prefer the grey tone of the Maybelline one so I guess I will stick to that one. It comes with not with spooly wand but a weird comb shape which I really despise but the amount of product is bigger than the Maybelline. I am in any circumstances saying that it is a bad product, just not the right color, I guess if you have matching eyebrow colors or hair it would be perfect. Not for me but worth mentioning it for the price.



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