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10 Signs I’m getting old


10 Signs I’m getting old

1. I don’t get everything when it comes to social media.

Yup here we are. Facebook, Instagram or things like Pinterest or polyvore check ! But I still don’t quite get Twitter and I don’t even have snapchat because it gave me a headache. Honestly I don’t know why people are oversharing, that is all I am taking from all of those social platform (and yes it’s sounds old fashioned when I am saying that). When I take pictures of my food or places it is to share a place, a moment or a good shot not sharing because of social pressure. Yes I am one of the few people that is still eating some meal without taking a picture of it. We are like unicorn tears, rare !

2. Not everyone gets my “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” jokes.

So if you are around your twenties guys Friends is a tv shows that started to air in the 90’s and that last for 10 long and glorious seasons. It is such a big part of my sarcastic-stupid self that I use quotes or references from that show all the time. The other day at work a girl was saying something stupid and I said “Oh…My…God” with Janice’s voice but they all starred at me like I was crazy. Of course they were all young so that moment was really long for me. Now I can count on some fellow thirdyish colleagues to joke with me, thanks god ! Thanks Luce for understanding me because when one of our colleagues told us she was keeping samples and free stuff from everywhere, Luce was like “So you are like Ross”, I laughed hard! Not her I guess she was too young…

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3. Getting myself out after 9pm is a pain…

Strangely enough I have no problem staying on my computer until 2am watching Tv Shows or getting my blog done. But if I have to get out of my comfy home that late, Hell no! I guess that I used to be a party monster before my twenties, I had my fare share of clubbing and stuff like that (like seriously, 3 years of going out is worth a life time, you don’t know me yet lol) so now I want to sit back, relax and enjoy the flat I am paying for I guess. Sad but very indulgent at the same time.

4. I find myself cooking healthy meal. I know!

Not all time, duh! But I surprise myself when I think about drinking more water or adding some more green stuff to my plate. I do have my junk food – lazy food moment (most of the time) but now I do feel guilty and realize that I have to take care of myself. It’s a big slap in the face trust me because I sound like my Mom now and I do get why she was telling me things I couldn’t hear. I guess I am also getting wiser! Sort of.


5. I am more into getting comfy that into fashion.

So true. I love a good pair of trainers instead of a pair of heels or flats because well my feet hurt. I love my comfy jeans and oversized t-shirt. I’d rather go to work looking like I am in my pyjamas than thinking about what to wear a day before. I used to take extra care but now I realize that : number 1 I need to be warm, number 2 I need to move and be comfortable and number 3 I don’t need to buy things that I don’t wear. When you grow up you don’t own things that you don’t use, you use the things that you own, got it ? lol

6. I am started to look a like my Mom.

Yes but I am very pleased about that. Since I am a little girl I always thought I was the black sheep fo the family and now finally I look like my Mom and people can see it. Yeah I am not adopted! Because I don’t look like my Dad either, strange right? But still before no one was telling me that and now that I am getting older I guess that my body language as well as my face structure is changing and apparently it is similar to my Mom.


7. I am starting to say “when I was your age” when talking to youngster !

All the freaking time! No joke, I feel like a dinosaur all the time. I don’t understand some conversation and I don’t get the new fashion, music or social trend. I mean I am not THAT “has been” but I sometimes (especially during lunch) wish I was somewhere else. Honestly, who care about the Kardashians or Justin Bieber ? When I was their age, it was more fun and easy I guess. Now I am a bit lost and I guess it is just the beginning.

8. I do not belong with youngster but I do not belong to the Moms world yet.

And for me it is a though one. I am married so I guess I am less pathetic to some people but I guess it is more challenging because when you are married, in your thirdies without kids well people start to ask questions. I just want to burst into tears sometimes or just kick the crap out of them so I simply answer “Well our situation is not ideal right now, but one day”. And it breaks my heart because it is nobody’s business but yet people are too curious and nosy and it really outrage me.


9. I look Young, I am old (Kind of) so people are confused and ask a million questions

Yes I am almost thirdy, yes I am married, yes my nephews are 18 and 15 and no I don’t do plastic surgery or any type of stupid stuff. I am so tired, it is a very confusing time in my life. People do ask me for ID when I want to buy cigarettes but don’t when I want to order a cocktail and lately I have been ask if it wasn’t too hard to juggle between school and work. For the record no it is not, my school years were more than 12 years ago. The reality is that okay I look like I am 18 but what more can I say ? I can’t help it, deal with it!

10. Kids are starting to call me “Madame”

And it hurts, deep down because adults thinks I am young and children are now seing me as a proper grown up. It give me the chills all the time, seriously why do we have to go through that. I know I am a real Madame but still, I am not used to it at all. Kids were the last things that was keeping me young, fresh and beautiful (lol), now I am just labelled and old. Ok it is not true, but it feels like that for a split second and then I am back to my life.

You know what ? At the end getting old isn’t bad for a very good reason :




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