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This month I am not going to lie I don’t really get the theme apart from the fact that Birchbox thinks that I am getting old (lol). There is a little game included on the box in which you can find words and put in on social medias or whatever I didn’t get it, really I am lost. All I get is that you get to search for your ultimate beauty discovery ! I am pleased overall really, 2 full size make up items and great new skincare so well done but the theme really ?


Polaar Polar Night Cream

I don’t know the brand at all, not going to lie but it smells really good. It is suppose to quench your skin with the best ingredients during the night. I am always looking for products like that but the main ingredient is Boreal Algae and I am allergic so I am going to give it away but still I am happy, sometimes I am not even able to give away what I don’t like so yeah!

ModelCo® More Brows

Very pleased with that one because I am totally into brows lately. Love the fact that they checked my profil and sent the right color. Love the texture so far and the tiny wand, easy to shape the brow, great discovery!

ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm

I am not too sure about that one yet, the idea is cool though. Love the packaging but the color is really weird, I know it is a color enhancing lip balm but still. Can be cool on no make up make up day why not, but I love that concept, happy to try it!


BioNike DEFENCE XAGE ULTIMATE RICH Lifting Remodelling Balm

I am taking that product choice as a hint. I am getting old guys, it is time to put some collagen in (not on!) my face. Truth is I don’t really need it but well of course I am going to hit the big 30. It is a nice and not waxy texture so can be really good for my skin, love a good skin booster anyway.

Crea-m Antiaging Serum

Geez, reading the description of that thing on the website is hurting my eyes. To sum up it does everything including firming your skin without injecting needles apparently. It is a miracle in a tiny bottle. But I love two things, it had reflecting particules that illuminate the skin (love it) and it boost circulation on your face so quite great to use as a primer, a good serum is alway handy!

Beauty Protector Protect & Condition

I think I now own the whole collection from that brand. Joke apart, I love it and it is always sold out on the website so hard to get your hands at the right time on any of their products. I loved every single sample in the past so I guess this one will be no exception!


Overall another good box but yet a concept I don’t get this month. At least products are good and I am more than excited to try them out. I will report if anything blow my mind of course but I can’t wait for next month because number 1 they have a nice collaboration and number 2, I will hit again 100 points so £10 to spend, yeahh!



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