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Wardrobe Basics

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I have to admit that I got the idea for that post whilst I was browsing items on Polyvore. I saw the writing “wardrobe basics” and I thought that it would be a great idea to talk about.

I don’t really talk fashion often and there is a simple reason behind that. I am a simple person ! I like my pair of jeans, trainers and oversize top so I prefer to keep my mind focus on make up, something I practice way more !

It is also a “cult classic” post, what I love and wear on a daily basis. I love things that “define” someone such as a scent, a color or item. People would probably define me according to what I wear but personally I like to find small details that make the difference.

The first thing is jeans. Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans or several. I have to admit that not matter what is (or was!) my body shape or size I have always been a denim girl. Easy, fun and comfortable, jeans are always a simple et no brainer option. Make sure you find the right cut because not everyone is the same. It personally took me a while but “Boyfriend” type of jeans are usually the one I am going for.

A good old grey top. When I say old don’t get me wrong I mean “simple” and kind of generic. I love grey better than black for some reason and you guys need to own a “go to” grey top no matter what. My best advice would be to find a loose fit so you can wear it different ways.

A warm oversize scarf. I leave in London guys and here there is two things you never leave home without : an umbrella and a warm scarf. Get yourself a scarf with a print/pattern you love so you won’t get bored of it. I choose stars and a dark colour so I can never go wrong. Those oversize scarfs are also like blanket so it’s like being snugly even outside of your house.

A grey tank top. I do have quite a ridiculous amount of tank top from H&M because I can’t help it, it is comfy and it is another layer to keep me warm ! Also trust me when you are not skinny  you have to hold everything into place and it is a very affordable tool. H&M is a really great place because they have so many shapes and length, I love the long one because that is perfect underneath a skirt or a dress and looks nice to hide my but when I am wearing jeans.

A pair of slip-on. Because when I was younger my go to shoes were converse. I now realise that those shoes are not confortable at all and don’t last. Vans is a better choice, comfy and easy to wear I love the simplicity and easy to match to my outfit design of those shoes. I own few pairs but my burgundy colored one are my favs! I always wear them, heaven for my feet!

A black handbag. Not too big, not too small just enough to put your crap inside. I love fossil, it is the brand I am always coming back in terms of leather. I have never been disappointed and lately their collection are better and better. If you want to splurge a little bit of money check out their website. You can never go wrong with black color  guys so you need a bag like that in your life and your wardrobe!

A pair fo Ray-ban. My choice goes to the Wafarer because it is a classic rock and roll style. It’s never out of trend and it comes in so many colors. Just pick a simple color to match all your outfit and you will be good for few years. I do own 2 pairs that I have for maybe like 6 or 8 years and those sunglasses are still going strong. So invest a little bit and you will never spend again (at least for a decade!).

A signature Fragrance. Mine is “Wish” from Chopard and it is my own cult classic in terms of fragrance. Hard to find but worth the hunt. I love that it is sweet, strong but so delicate and feminine at the same time ; it smells a lot like “Angel” but less overpowering and more sophisticated. You need when you get older to find your perfume, your own “smell”. I have mine and it is really important to me.



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