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My current Make up Favourites

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My current Make up Favourites

Lately I came to the conclusion that I was going back to a lot of old Favs or things that I don’t even mention here. It’s time to give those products some love and share with you what I have currently been loving.

Sleek blush in Rose Gold

I go through phases with blushes, I don’t follow trend or seasons ! I do wear whatever I fancy and match my make up. Lately I’ve been using a lot my sleek blush in the shade rose gold, it is a dupe for the Nars Orgasm by the way for a fraction of the price ! I just love how it blends, the colour is beyond amazing and it gives such a glow with one swipe on the cheek. Love it ! I’m into glow lately so anything that can lift up my face is much appreciated.

Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer

I just love that baby ! I had to try a lot of things lately but I always get back to that particular bronzer because the shade is just perfect for my skin tone. It is not an orange bronzer, there is more of a milk chocolate undertone with almost a taupe reflection. Plus it smells like chocolate and as I have the travel compact, it is so easy to bring with me on the go!

Nars radiant creamy concealer in Vanilla

I am not going to lie and I will never on that blog. I don’t have any skin problems apart from some blemishes from time to time so in a way I don’t always need to wear foundation. Lately I have found myself waking up with very good skin condition so concealer and powder is a good combo for me. The Nars concealer is very expensive but first you don’t need a lot and it works instantly. I call it the “photoshop” of make up! It smooth and blur everything leaving your skin soft and natural.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip cheat lip liner

Dear Lord, such a long name ! I guess it justify the awesomeness of the product. It is not just your typical lip liner no. You can wear it on its own, underneath your lipstick, to contour your lips and it gives that plump lips effect. It is comfortable to wear and will stay on all day even if your lipstick is gone. It is such a nice shade for everybody and on days when you don’t want to bother, it is the perfect make up item.

Clinique Pop Lipstick in Plum Pop

I am obsessed and I wanted to dedicate a whole post about it but I am waiting to get few more shades. But this one is just da bomb! I do own a tone of lipstick because that and Highlighter are my weakness in make up.  I like to try, compare and put to the taste but when I love something I use it until the very last swipe on my lips (didn’t know how to phrase my thoughts here lol). But anyway the formulation is beyond anything I ever tried before and it is the same price as MAC, the variation of color is very generous and it is a product that everyone can find everywhere. Clinique nailed it so bad with that collection!

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow in Peach

I love that color but I wanted to talk about the price and formula of the range. It is a fantastic one and I have been using constantly that color in my crease lately. I was looking for a crease color that I could bring on the go because my go to color is part of the Too Faced chocolate bar and it is Salted Caramel. Unfortunately I have already hit pan and of course I am not going to replace the whole palette for that color but in the mean time I needed something practical on the go. Easy to through in my make up bag and to bring on holidays, I need a milk chocolate color and I will be good for a long time because the amount is very generous for the tiny price (less that £3,00) so definitely, check those shadows out!



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