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E.L.F Brand Focus


E.L.F Brand Focus

Let’s start by saying that it means “Eyes, Lips and Face”. Really smart and simple name, love it! I have of course discovered that brand throughout some beauty youtube channels and I was always curious. Now that I have one product for every category I can give my final review and let’s be honest : I am very impressed with that Brand.

Online there is not much about the story of the brand, it is an affordable and good quality brand with simple value : getting the latest trend in make up without breaking the bank. Such a great idea! The brand is also cruelty free, so many good points it is almost not true.


Let’s start with their Blush that I got in the shade Tickled Pink. Got that one directly bought for me from the states! It is such a soft and discrete shade. I instantly loved it, not powdery at all and very smooth. It is not crazy pigmented but it is exactly why I choose that color, I don’t have anything like that. It is nice when you don’t want to go full on make up face but still a bit of flush on your cheeks. The packaging is very Nars looking with a tiny mirror. The price is very small in the US, here it is around the £5 mark but still very affordable. I would recommend that collection of blush to everyone on a budget for sure!


The next product is for the lips and it is one of their Matte lip color in Neutral. I checked the Uk website and unfortunately they don’t carry anymore those lip pencil but I guess you can check on amazon or eBay. This Matte lip color are a bit of a hit and miss in the beauty world, some people adore the formula other hate it. It glides on smoothly when you apply it but dries out easily. Now what I did is that I have paired it with a lip liner underneath and a gloss on top and trust me the result was amazing.

I used to be a nude kind of girl for my lips but over the past 2 years I have increased a lot my lipstick game and forgot about nude colors. In my job it is better to have bright colors on but a nice nude is also very eye catching and that combo I used stayed on for 4 hours solid without moving (well until lunch time).

It was really cheap, too bad they have stopped the line because I would have probably got more colors. It is very matte so beware and hydrate your lips but with the gloss on top it doesn’t crumble or draw a disgusting line on your lips.


This Flawless Eyeshadow palette is called the Beautiful browns. Flawless is a very good word to describe that lovely little thing. I got it from Tk Maxx before Christmas and the price was so tiny that I coudln’t resist. I wasn’t expecting a lot and at the end I was totally surprised and very pleased by the quality of the shadows.

You can achieve a total look with those four colors and the formula is beyond amazing for a drugstore quality. I tried them with and without eye primer, as a liner, all together and mix with other brands shadows. It worked the same way every time, beautiful and long lasting. It is not crazy pigmented but build able and it does not leave any fall out underneath your eyes. Those shadows blend like butter and are very stunning together. It is really great on the go and that bronze/orange color compliment brown eyes like nothing else.

Overall I of course recommend E.L.F because it is inexpensive, easy to get your hands on here via their websites and the variety of products is very complete. I don’t have any bad thing to say, I even like the packaging, it feels cheap ok but it is a nice fake look a like of highend brands such as Nars or M.A.C.



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