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5 years in London

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5 years in London

I wanted to talk a bit about London today because on the 15th of this month we are going to celebrate our 5 years since we moved and choose to live in London.

It’s been tough, fun, challenging, beautiful and very satisfying. Overall if I could I wouldn’t change anything at all. That experienced changed me, made me grow as a person and at the end I love being here.

Of course I am not going to lie I do miss my family, friends and sharing those moments that I miss everyday. But now, I don’t regret a a minute ! We met so many great (and weird!) people, we’ve discovered a new side of our relashionship with my husband and we got engaged, stronger and so close as a couple.

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Of course there is a lot of downside but today I take the positive. Not the negative ! I feel very proud of me today writing that blogpost and I think I have achieved so much. I got to do interesting things, discovered YouTube, create my blog and follow some passions.

I never had a chance like that back home. I cherish every corner and aspect of my life here and I won’t change it for the world. I love my life, my city and the road was hard but we are getting there.

I am going to start a serie of one extra blogpost every week for 5 weeks and this is the first one with 5 things I love about London. Next week it will be 5 places I love to eat In London, well you know what I mean. I will tell you the next topic at the end of every blogpost.

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Hope you will enjoy this new serie. Now let’s get rollin’ guys !

1. I love to get starbucks anywhere I want

In France it is not that easy. I think we have 2 Starbucks for the whole area and to get it, it is quite a journey. Now, knowing that I can just pop out and grab it is so satisfactory. I do love my Starbucks and I am not going to lie it is one of the reasons I love London so so much.

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2. Summer in London is the nicest place on earth

We do have summer. Yes we do, don’t roll your eyes guys ! England is not just about fog, grey sky and rain. It is actually nice during summer because it can be hot but not sticky. It is a very enjoyable weather. Where I am from its 35 degres during summer and you sweat like a pig. True story ! The only down point is that it doesn’t last, it’s only few weeks. But those weeks are the best.

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3. You get to meet to so many people from so many different culture

And weirdly not enough British people. I mean real one, you know those with that super posh accent. No, instead you meet Italians, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Asians from different countries. It’s crazy, I have met so many nice and also weird people. It is insane, where I am from that was rare. I used to serve them in hotels but that was it.

4. The opportunity are here, just cease it !

I mean, I had my fair share of bad luck and I still struggle but I have seen so many people succeed just in front of my eyes that there is still hope. You get to become what you want but you need to work hard or connect with the right people. I had many opportunities that I have turned down like being contacted to become a plus size model or taking care of Jude Law kids. You get to start from the bottom of the ladder but you can rise, burn your wings or totally nailed it. You just need faith, hard work and well a bit a of luck. This is London !

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5. I love to just walk around and get lost

Even when I am not lost I always say to myself “God I love my City”. I feel good here and walking around town (with a coffee !) doing nothing, is a amazing ! I used to hate where I am from but here it is my city of adoption and I am totally proud of it !



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