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I am very thrilled when it comes to fragrances of any sort guys. I invite your warmly to check out my youtube video about it on my channel, it is my most popular video! Anyway I am not here to talk about that. I am almost out of most of my perfume and I am little broke so I needed to find something in the mean time. The Library of Fragrance is such a wonderful brand in many ways. I fell in love with the Pistachio Ice Cream cologne but there is many more on their website or on

I first found out about the brand by browsing on the Boots website. I was looking for a vanilla body spray so I wrote on the search bar “vanilla” and at some point the Vanilla Cake Batter popped up! I wasn’t sure and didn’t want to order something that I hadn’t smell before so I left it but I kept the info in a corner of my brain.

Out of the blue I went to my local boots and I realized that those fragrance were not just online but also in store. I wasn’t planning on buying but I was really curious about that particular Vanilla Cake Batter one. I couldn’t find that particular scent but Pistachio Ice cream, Oh MY! Sweet, delicate, feminine and very yummy. I am not going to lie some fragrances are a bit weird (see down below) and some stinks, they had vanilla ice cream but this one was way to fake for my nose.

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I love the concept, the price and the diversity of scents. Bottles are £15 and usually on the boots website you can have 2 for £25 which is amazing. It is a brand that is coming from New York and was created in 1996 under the name of Demeter Fragrance Library Inc. As I said before you can find those lovely cologne on their website or

The great thing is the fact that it’s not a perfume so you can spray it over and over without giving you (or others!) a headache. You can also layer the fragrances to create a unique scent for exemple, Pistachio Ice cream can be sweeter with Sunshine or more fruity with Peach. The colognes only contain 2-8% of fragrance oil which is an amazing alternative to perfume on a daily basis. It is nice to throw in your purse and apply as many time as you want. This particular scent (Pistachio Ice Cream) is creamy, nutty and sweet but very delicate and not overpowering and too much. I had so many compliments since I start wearing it at work, even a customer asked what I was wearing.

Now I am addicted and I have my eyes on 6 different scents. First Pina Coladas for so many reasons, that cocktail which is my favorite is also for me a reminder of summer and good time so concentrated in a bottle, I am in! Vanilla Cake Batter should be very sweet and yummy, I love vanilla scent and this one might have that little sometin’ sometin’ that I am always looking for. Marshmallow is sweet, I had a sniff in Boots and very girly which is for me a very nice alternative to a Vanilla scent. Mint Chocolate Chips can be a hit and miss but I am curious, it is my all time favorite ice cream but I am very afraid of a fake chocolate scent, can be really gross. Lemon meringue is also something unusual and very fruity with a hint of sugar sweetness, perfect for summer. Pixie dust intrigued me, on the website it is describe as a childhood scent, I love it and I want to try it out.

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Last but not least at all, the unusual scent. I have selected 3 to show you a little bit so beware, it is weird. Dirt well the name is not very appealing but it is more a “earth” scent, the kind of scent you can smell after a rainy day in your garden, nice and a bit weird at the same time. Pizza, WTF ? I have to say that I am confused about that one, don’t get me wrong I love pizza but as a scent on me, not really. Play-Doh doesn’t really attract me either, I guess some people have a huge nostalgia of their childhood but this one really raise a big question mark on my face. I didn’t find it in store, but I guess you would definitely layer that one up with something to create a more wearable scent.

Just have a browse on the website, not everyone loves sweet scent but they also have floral and woody scent. I love the concept, again if you are on a budget it is an awesome alternative to perfume. Some people get perfume for around the same price mark in cheap places and honestly the smells are really bad. Grab a cologne it is way better and a little bit more chic and sophisticated. I am very thrilled of my discovery and can’t wait to discover new scents!



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