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My Top 3 Skin Care

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Skin Care is not something I am talking a lot about and it is only because I hardly ever change my routine. When I like something I am very loyal so I don’t really feel the need of trying out anything else. I do not have any major skin problems, to be fair I don’t have any appart from the regular ones that everyone can have. But, I occasionally change some of those products and the only things I always purchase over and over are those 3.

The Garnier Micellar Water is the best ever. I have the pink one which is the sensitive skins version. They came out with this Micellar Water last year I believe and since the launch I am just in love. I love to remove my eye make up with a wipe and my face with that particular product. I also use it in the morning to cleanse my skin before make up and that brings so much moist, it is insane! The formula is nice and gentle, does not irritate and you don’t need to rub or use a tone of product to get your make up off. As a toner it is just perfect so it is really a 2 in 1 product. I highly recommend that particular version but if your skin is different the brand came out with different formula. Cheap, easy and reliable!

Yes to Coconut Wipes are hence down the best wipes ever. I do remove my face make up with the Garnier Micellar water but every other day I use a wipe to give my skin a little bit of extra treatment. My skin tend to be very dry so every drop of any kind always help. The smell is not sweet or overpowering, just pure coconut and before bed it is really soothing. You get around 20 wipes for £3.99 so very cheap. The downside is that you can’t find them everywhere but the whole food beauty department stock them or on the birchbox website. I personally always have 2 packs just in case and because I am insane but beware if you fell in love, not that easy to find.

The Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalizing is my secret weapon for un-puffing my eyes. Not even sure that it is a word but that is how my eyes feels and it is such a crucial step in my morning routine. It took me a long time to find the perfect eye roll and this one is just perfect. I usually keep it in my fridge so the roller ball is cold and let it sit around 1mn just to wake up my under eye. It is less than £5 last a good amount of time and it is very gentle. Simple products are very good and always on offer in Boots or Superdrug so if you are struggling with eye cream try that one. Not to mention that is not a cream but a gel, way more effective for my skin so it is good to mention it if it doesn’t suit your skin condition.




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