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What’s New at The Drugstore

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It is the end of the month and unfortunately drugstores are going crazy in terms of launches and of course I am broke. But, I went on trip to Boots and Superdrug and I swatched like a crazy lady and had a look around to check what was new. Pay day for some of us is only next week (crying from the inside!) so make up is going to wait but I guess looking never hurt anybody. All of those items really impressed me, I will purchase them when my bank account feels a little less desperate but for now if you were wondering what was new, keep on reading below!

Let’s Start with Lips shall we. The first thing that caught my eyes are the Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip. I am a sucker for the glossy version and the price is so so tiny (£3.50) so what’s not to love ? I am a huge fan of Berry Much, Choco berry and Pretty Muted. This is not a dry formula at all, when you apply it you can build it up and I love the fact that they have so many nice plum shade, trust me hard to find at drugstore prices.

On the “lips” side of the force (yeah let’s be geeky for 2 sec) Revlon is finally coming out with their Ultra HD matt lip color and this time I am in. I do not like anything matte guys appart Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution but this time it is different. I do not like their lipstick version but this time, in love. I can’t wait to get paid to get Addiction and Obsession. Yes, again those are plummy colors.

Rimmel is really working hard lately and first the brand came out with new lipstick. Finally ! Those are Moisture Renew Sheer and Shine Lipstick. I love the texture, price and choice of colors. It is very different in terms of formula and it is kind of an hybride between the revlon lip butter and my so much loved clinique pop lipstick. Of course Good Mauve needs to come leaves in Mama’s lippies collection. But that is not it! To my big surprise Rimmel London is launching some contouring kit in the Kate Moss range and it is less than £5. I loved the swatches and the way it applies and I love that Bobby brown look a like shimmering brick iridescence. On the top of everything a new primer is available, It is part of the liquid highlighter collection they already have I believe and it is pretty awesome, it is called the #insta flawless. I love the liquid highlighter (need to make a post about it) and this is such a lovely smooth texture and so luminous, such a huge kind of dupe for the Becca one. Really Rimmel, you are blowing my mind.

Barry M is also releasing new colors and formula. I just fell in love with Cream Soda and Pink Lemonade. So pretty and for spring and so cheap for my wallet. Those are part of the Gelly Hi Shine collection, it is a really nice and long lasting formula.



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