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My 5 Favourite Food Place in London


In london you have a tone of options in terms of food and I am not going to lie, it was hard to make a choice. 5 years is a long time and with my husband we love to eat so everytime we have a free moment (and some cash in the bank!) we just love to seat and enjoy a meal in the heart of London. If you have any questions or want any other restaurant names, comment below !



Pizza metro pizza

A cult classic for me. I have celebrate two of my birthday there (or maybe 3!) and it is always good and the staff is just awesome. It is basically (for me) the best pizza place in London and maybe even in the world. Yeah it is THAT good ! The one I am always going to is in Notting Hill so if you are around pop in and you will thank me later.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-28 à 20.52.42

Shake shack

So you probably won’t be amazed by that one but hey what can I do I love Shake Shack burgers. It is located in Covent Garden (but not only, check their website) and it is simply divine. It is a US “brand” and it is always busy because of the huge popularity so beware. It is not a restaurant so don’t expect to be served and the prices are quite high (around £15 pp) but it is worth it. Don’t even get me started on the fries and fifty fifty drink.


Bubba Gump

Again it is American. But to my big nostalgia memories it was a blast when I ate for the first time in their Leicester Square location. For the back story, Bubba Gump is coming straight from the movie “Forest Gump” and has been very popular in the US for now almost two decades. They have a lot of fish and especially shrimps but the menu is very big and full of southern style dishes. I love the whole concept, the “movie” is everywhere in the display of the restaurant and it is like 10mn away from my job so perfect for me. Quite pricy but again the experience is worth it.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-28 à 20.47.58

The breakfast club

This is kind of a recent one. I had my first lunch last summer and since then we went back a couple time. The concept is breaksfast all day and of course it is from the movie “The Breakfast Club”. The one I love is in Islington because it is quiet and the staff is really great. It took me a long time before jumping into the wagon of that trend because lets face it is a hipster thing. I do enjoy to go there for a late brunch or early lunch. Who doesnt like pancake and bacon for lunch anyway ?


La fratelli di buffala

Love that place. Such a surprise on the heart of piccadilly/soho. At first it has that “tourist” vibe but as soon as you have tried one of their pasta dish or pizza well it is another story. They have that pizza which is in the shape of a buffalo horn and it is just divine, full of cheese, rocket salad and parma ham. Their gnocchi are out of this world and their donuts like desert full of nutella and cream is just a sin. Prices are good ! Between £8 and £15 for a main course. Did I mention that their mozzarela buffala is delicious? Share it as an apetizer, you will be very pleased !



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