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March Favorites

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This Month was really hard to put together, I feel that I am always talking about the same things. So I did a simple thing, I went trough my bag and checked what was inside. Trust me ladies, if you do that it is an easy way to find out what you are using the most (okay, or not because my bag is a big mess, but organized!). So I came to the conclusion that those 8 items were my favourite this month and I am going to tell you why. Let’s dive in, shall we ?

First let’s talk about the Eyes Uncovered Palette in “nude rose” by the brand Collection. That brand never fail to WOW me everytime they launch something. I was already a big fan of the 3 original palettes but this one is amazing and it is more than nude and rose, it had that plum undertone that is amazing and the quality is just beyond what you can find in any other brand in Boots or Superdrug. It is less than £4, the formula is pigmented and very buttery and the big plus : it last all day. I have used it a tone this month and I am not going to stop.

In my Birchbox this month I have received a full size product from Model Co called “more brow”. Usually I am not a big fan of the brand but I ran out of my usual Rimmel “brow this way” and I didn’t really had a choice. The color they sent me is “medium” and even if it is a tiny bit dark for me I really enjoy the texture, effect and tiny wand. I am not going to say that I will purchase it again because my usual one is number one cheaper and number two a better color match but I am still using it everyday and haven’t replaced it yet. I will probably use the entire thing because I enjoy it.

The Covergirl Lash Blast clump Crusher is a big surprise. I got that mascara for a while now and I was waiting to finish all my current mascara to give it a go. At first I was a bit concerned because the wand is really hard to work with but of course I have used it multiple time since and I now love it. It is a really cheap mascara in the US and now I understand why everybody is talking about it. It is very black, separate all my lashes and last all day without flacking. The only thing is that I would love more volume but it’s a winner because I used it almost everyday this month.

So this month my skin was all over the place. Breaking out, a bit dull and very tired so I have mostly used over and over my Bourgeois 123 perfect color correcting cream because it is such a life savior for me. Love the texture, application is quick and it looks like I am wearing nothing but it hides everything I want to erase. I do have a lot of red patchy area and my skin is kind of looking grayish lately, this products help a lot and even if I am exhausted, I look fresh! Thanks Bourjois.

NYX “Vanilla Cream Pie” was my best friend this month. Again my face had a hard time so did my lips. When I am under a lot of pressure or stress I do have allergy to my lips. I do not have crumbly lips but I tend to have scars in the inner corners or itchy edges. Of course long wearing lipsticks, matte lipstick or any kind of products like that were out the picture. Most of the days a little lip liner and this gloss in particular were really my best buddies.

Now in the miscellaneous category I have my The Library Of Fragrance cologne in Pistacchio Ice cream. I did a whole post so I am not going to ramble. To maKe it short, it is the only perfume I have used this month and I can’t get enough of it, Irene if you read that post you can thank me later. I also used on a daily basis that Spectrum brush that I got In my february Birchbox I believe. Such a great shape to highlight and the colors are so pretty, it’s a unicorn brush! Very affordable and great quality, you can find Spectrum brushes on the birchbox website. And last but not least, I am running out of of my Kat Von D Tattoo liner so I have used a lot the essence one and this is such an amazing felt black eyeliner for the price. I love the intense color, the quick result and the longevity. The felt tip is a bit harder than my expensive one but you can work it out easily.

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