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Sticker Haul : Small Stuff Creations


I wanted to dedicate a whole post about that shop because I am crazy in love. Those are the smallest sticker ever but in a way it is really hard to find, it is just cuteness overload but  for a tiny tiny price. Small Stuff Creations is worth trying for every planner addict because first you will not break the bank and second she is offering something that nobody else does.

Let me start by saying that Ashley-Janne (the owner) is very kind and professional. Due to easter my order was delay and she sent me a message to let me know. Some sellers on etsy wouldn’t even bother. She upload new design regularly and you can find some very useful stuff like toilet (yes hard to find !) or the tiny countdown dates and don’t even get me started on the pet stuff. She has a whole collection about small animals like rabbit and hamster but she got also stuff for cats and dogs. Grooming, litter tray, paw prints or walk the dog ! You name it, she got it! I think it is just brilliant, simple and very smart.


The price are tiny, £0.80 for a sheet and the shipping cost for Uk is less than a £1. You can choose bright or pastel colors for every sheet and you can upgrade it for extra £0.40 I believe to the color you want! I love the concept and as a plus she creates lovely tiny decorative sheet like the unicorn one or t hot air balloon on the picture.

Now it is really tiny, I was a bit surprised when I first got it. I am not going to lie, I laughed really hard. Husband said it was a tiny sheet of stickers to go on the tiny phone owned by Zoolander (inside joke, if you have seen the movie you will get it). You can see on the picture above that is very small compare to my hand but I find it very convenient. Sometimes I decorate so much that I don’t even have space to put my “useful” stickers so a tiny one is a very good idea. Sometimes some tasks or things are not major, it doesn’t need a huge sticker, hence the tiny toilet seat! I don’t need a huge one to plan my toilet cleaning rota.

Overall, I am in love! I can’t wait to order more, too bad I am going away soon. I would have order more for sure! I think it is a brilliant idea, it’s different and very affordable so well done and I hope she will keep on the good job for a while.



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