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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor : Devotion


I was dying to try them out since I saw them being review on some American Youtube Channel. The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor are to die for and I am going to explain you why. Note that the color on my picture above is not the true color of the lipstick as you can see on the swatches on my lips. It is really hard to find a good picture with the true color. Devotion is a lovely spring Pink, not too bright and not too pale. A lovely Vanilla pink as I love to call that kind of colors.

First the price, those retail for £8.99 but you can get a 3 for 2 on revlon in Both Superdrug and Boots at the moment so why not. The price is worth the product but I would love a bigger color range. Only two colors are very pretty to my opinion and it is this one Devotion and Addiction (which I have to get next!) so please Revlon, answer my prayers!

True swatch color on the back of my hand. “Devotion”

The packaging and scent are both a very big selling point for me. A true Make up Addict is also a HUGE packaging addict, let’s face it. Those lip color are just pretty to watch and the frosty tube feels luxurious and very chic. The scent, I am still working on it. It smells like a candy, but which one ? There is a strong vanilla scent but a fruity one at the same time, if you are British it reminds me a lot of the fruit salad sweet sold by Mark and Spencer so very pleasant on the lips.


The Formula is just amazing. I am not a fan of matte liquid lipstick (yeah, don’t hate me I know that it is the trend!) so I was a bit skeptical and exited at the same time. when you apply it is easy and it glides on like a dream. With this color no feathering whatsoever and no flacking at all. I’ve put it on at 9.30 in the morning and it was still on by lunch time at 1pm. It does take time to get matte though, 45mn to an hour but I like it because it keeps the lips moisturized. I re applied one coat after lunch and was totally ok for 4 more hours at work. The big plus is that it didn’t crumble or fell apart throughout the day, you can apply it and forget about it for few hours without checking yourself in the mirror every 2 seconds.

By Lunch time, 4 hours later and still pretty and finally matte.

The texture is nice on the lips but yet a little bit drying. At the end of the day I needed to remove it and moisturize my lips with a lip balm. So here is my tips, you can first put some lip balm or vaseline as a primer, apply a lip liner then put on a thin coat of the liquid lipstick and maybe a second coat to get the better color pay off. It will be very glossy at first but don’t be scared “it will dry”. Don’t forget to remove the excess in the center of the lips because it does transfer on the lips.

Devotion is a lovely color that I would for sure recommend, very settle and bold. Perfect for a day to day natural spring make up and easy to wear and match with everything.

Overall I love it and it means a lot coming for me. I will purchase more colors in the futur and recommend warmly for the price and great formula. Now if you are a “die hard” fan of true matte liquid lipstick be careful, you could be disappointed. I think it is a very safe way to start with those Revlon matte lip color because of the price and great result I got.





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