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Glow This Way : My top 3

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Today let’s talk about highlight ! I have put to the test so many different one and I have came to the conclusion (so far!) that those three are the best ever. There is two expensive one and a drugstore one, all different but all very beautiful and worn over and over to give you the best review possible.

Number 1 : Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone

Let’s start with Becca, I have it in the color Moonstone and for me it is the best shade out of them all for my skin color. The Formula asbords and reflects light like nothing I owned before. I had many compliments and the results is glowy, dewy and very natural. It last all day and the color is so pretty on a fair skin/brown eyes/blonde hair girl like me. I do like the fact that it is pigmented but not crazy so you don’t end up using too much. It is pricy (around £30) but worth every penny I own. I use it every day and it blend and mix well with all kind of foundation. I like to fix it with the mist an fix spray by Make up Forever for an even more glowy effect on the skin.

Number 2 : Nars Albatross

Such a pretty and lovely color. It is a really popular Highlighter amongst the Beauty world and I understood why the minute I swatched it in store. I prefer to wear it in summer over a light foundation or powder because it is a really “boom in your face” kind of highlighter. The pearly white color doesn’t suit everyone but again, my pale skin loves it! It is less pricy than the Becca (around the £23 mark) but still, not cheap and the amount is very generous. I love the fact that you don’t need much to highlight your whole face and it looks amazing under the eyebrows as well.

Number 3 : Rimmel London Good to Glow

This is the “Drugstore” one. Not That I haven’t found one in powder, in fact there is many amazing one but they belong in a contour kit or a bronzing kit so to remain focus on the “highlight” side of the blogpost I have chosen this one. I love the liquid texture, it is this only one I have like that because I find it hard to work with on my skin usually. It is really similar to the Benefit High Beam in texture and result. It is as easy to use and blend, few dots here and there and you are good to go.I would recommend that one more in summer because the liquid texture will stick more to the skin and on a tanned skin it looks stunning. Did I mentioned the price ? Nope, £4.99 only so go get you one, I have the lightest shade but the brand came out with two others for darker and olive skin.



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