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Boulevard Candles : In love.

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I am a true Candle addict, my main focus when I go to a home store or my favourite place “Tk Maxx” is go and check the candles even before beauty and make up. This week end I was really pleased because a brand new batch arrived from the brand “Boulevard Decor” and those candles are very good and very cheap. I got the “French Baguette” and “Cinnamon Coffee Cake” and I am annoyed with myself because I didn’t get more.

I checked online as soon as I arrived home and it is an American brand of course. So not available on any website in the Uk, that is why I am writing this article so you can go check out your Tk Maxx right now to stock up on those candles.

In Tk Maxx the price is £3.99 for the small one and £5.99 for the big one, on the website the retail price is 9$ and 18$ so such a bargain. The fragrance is very strong so beware if you don’t like that kind of candle. I love anything overpowering, I want my home to smell good and spread in everywhere as I have a small flat.

French Baguette is a crisp, nutty and vanilla scent. Sweet but gentle, it has a real soothing scent that is wrapping the room in a comforting atmosphere. Feels like you just finish baking something, it has that “baguette” smell but on the sweet side. Cinnamon Coffee Cake is very surprising, nutty and sweet with a hint of cinnamon. I hate cinnamon scent usually but I couldn’t stop smelling that candle in the store. It smells like a warm spicy but sweet latte on a fall afternoon. I should make description for candles, I have a gift ! lol

Overall, you know what this mean ? I need to run asap back to Tk Maxx to get some more, it is a nice discovery, not to mention that the candles are made with soy and I have the feeling that this tiny candle will last forever, very good quality.



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