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Make Up Revolution : Radiant Lights Palette


Make up revolution is a hit and miss brand. The company Most famous products Are based on  high-end dupes such as Urban Decay Naked Palettes or Too Faced Chocolate Bars. Overall I love the brand, the small prices and The great quality of most of their products. I have read reviews here and there that this palette the “Radiant Lights Pallette” is a dupe for the Hourglass so famous highlighting pallette. For a fraction of the Hourglass (£8) you get three gorgeous highlighting powders and one that is really versatile that you can use as a bronzer.

The texture is really smooth, buttery and very easy to blend. It is not chalky and there is no fallout whatsoever. The two light shades are beautiful and the bronzing one is absolutely stunning. I have to admit that these powders are finally milled, you can use the lighter shade all over your face to get that extra glow. But beware and light handed because the pigmentation is there which means that you don’t need to use a lot of product to get the result you want.


As I said the formula is really buttery and pigmented. The three shades are very different but yet it works out beautifully combine all together. For eight pounds you get a generous amount of product for your money. Not really practical on the go so I would recommend to de-pot the whole thing to put it in a Z pallette if you can.

I now totally get the hype around that gorgeous pallette. I do not own the original one from Hourglass and this one is already gorgeous enough so I am very satisfied. If your skin tone is darker, don’t worry a darker one exist! Also there is no shimmer, it is very glowy and as you can se on my swatches, it takes and reflect the light like nothing else.

Negative Point ? Well none so far. The packaging is not funky but I guess it is the case for all the Make up Revolution product. At the end of the day only the quality of the product matter and it is strong and there so I am very pleased and happy because I didn’t break the bank and I can’t wait to use it over and over.

If you are in the Uk, Run into Superdrug to get one. I am pretty sure that this palette is going to become one of my favorite. Spring is here, hopefully summer just around the corner so it is time to let the glow happen.



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