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Battle of the Dupe : Lip Liner


I am going to start a serie of “dupe” blogpost because I was going through my collection lately and I realised that few things were really similar. I think it is always great to have “cheap” options, especially when you are on a budget. My first dupe battle is about lip liners. For me these are really similar but not in the price. One is drugstore, one is highend so let’s do the pros and cons.

Top : Pillow Talk                              Bottom : Eastend Snob


Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat lip pencil in Pillow Talk. £16

I am starting with the most expensive because in a way, the rimmel one is the dupe not the other way round. Fun fact, I fell in love with the Rimmel one first and decided to get the original to compare. It is a pricy lip liner, but the hype is tottaly justify. The color is just stunning. It is a muted nude with hint of plum and it is very flattering,in other words it doesn’t make you look dead. It is very creamy but very settle. It is a real pencil and you have to sharpen it, which is fine but I prefer automatic lip pencil. It does “cheat” and make your lips look bigger and fuller. It stays put all day, the formula is incredibly long wearing. No matter what you do! You can wear that lip liner on its own or with a gloss on top and you are good to go.

Pros :

  • Lovely Nude/Plum color that is really hard to find
  • Very creamy and pigmented
  • Make lips looks bigger/Fuller

Cons :

  • Pricy (£16)
  • Not automatic, so you need to carry a sharpner



Eastend Snob : Rimmel London £3.99

This affordable but yet very powerful liner it is  down my favourite of all time. I love that specific one but in general the formula is incredible. It is an auromatic lip pencil, so no need to sharpen and the application is so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed ! No joke, the formula is creamy and very long wearing. Once on your lips it stays on until you remove it and that color match so many lipsticks,It is insane ! I have diacovered it about a year and a half ago and since then I have re purchased it around 10 times maybe. The only down side is that if you use it often you will need to buy it every 2-3 weeks. Thanks God the price is cheap but if you are in love like me, get a back up at all time.

Pros :

  • Cheap
  • Long Wearing
  • Automatic

Cons :

  • Need to buy Often
  • Small amount of product

Now in comparison the Eastend Snob is a tiny bit more creamy and more on the pink side. In the other hand Pillow talk is more nude and will last me longer because you dont apply as much product as the Rimmel one when you apply it.
There is a £12 of difference so budget wise i would recommand Eastend Snob. If you can get both. They have a similar but different color so worth to have both in your collection.
I will purchase again Pillow Talk in the futur because I love the “lip cheat” formula and it is not an easy shade to find drugstore wise here in the Uk.
Both are a favourite now so I can’t really choose. There isn’t really any bad things to make up my mind. If the Rimmel one was £16 I would buy at as well, trust me.



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