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April Favourites

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Hey Guys! This month was so strange, I was away for two weeks and I took a brake of 1 week with my blog because I was in need to reconnect with my family and stay away from all social medias. It was good but now I am ready and it is that time of the month again. I am not ashamed to say that make up was not a priority the past 3 weeks and my skin feel better than ever. It was all about glow and highlight because I was at home in the south of France and it was hot. I fell in love with few things but when I thought about those favorites  surprise surprise, there wasn’t that many. I still have a good list but I found myself being a good girl this month in terms of spending my money.

Polyvore Link

The Make up Revolution Radiant Lights Palette is the biggest discovery for me this month. I have already made a blogpost about it so I am not going to ramble to much but I have used it so much this past two weeks, it is insane. The quality is amazing, the pigments are there and it is effortless to use. Colors are very pretty and even if it is pigmented it is still “natural” on the skin. Don’t be shy guys, the price is also tiny so don’t splurge your money on something expensive. I was very impressed.

At the airport I always get my “M.A.C” essentials because of the duty free price. This time I wanted to get a new blush because I don’t have any M.A.C in my collection. This color is called “Desert Rose” and it is a very lovely muted color. It is the perfect in between a burgundy and a plum. There is no shimmer and I love it for this time of the year. I have only worn that one during the past two weeks. Such a nice and settle color worth mentioning.

Kiko Came out with a new and quite expensive collection for the brand. I wasn’t really going to get something but this lip and cheek stick was really tempting. It is from their “Free Spirit” collection and I love the fact that it is matte. Not sure I will use it on my cheek but on the go it is perfect. On the lips it stays on forever and the color is just very flattering on my skin. I love the fact that they have included a sharpener in the box and the price is less than £10.

Lancôme Juicy Shakers are very popular lately and they just came out. A lot of youtubers are talking about it and I was curious. I have sent my husband on a mission, I wanted the color “Vanilla Pop” and what a gem. It is hard to describe, it is an infused oil mix with pigments. Reviews are quite simple, you love it or you hate it. I personally fell in love and it is the perfect “no brainer” lip product. The color is very pretty and the scent is SOOOOOO good. Not going to talk to much about it because a blogpost is coming up.

The Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse came with my April Birchbox and what a great discovery. You can use it on your face, hair and body. I am usually very skeptical about products like that because I have combination skin so oily and dry depend where and the conditions. But this oil is doing miracles, my face feel less dry and I use the excess on my hair to boost the shine. Not too sure on my body, not a fan but face and hair yes yes yes! In France the price is way cheaper so I got the full size one there but don’t hesitate because it works.

Now I have a miscellaneous category. I have used a lot of my instax once in Holidays because I like quick and easy memory and it is great to share in general. I used it for my friend hen party and during family time, love it more than ever. I also fell in love with that “french baguette” candle from Blvd, strong scent and so relaxing. I have a whole post about it so go and check it out for more informations. Randomly Pistachio are my favorite thing to eat lately ! Raw, in chocolate, as an ice cream flavour or in my perfume ! Those tiny green things are great for your health and easy to bring on the go, it is such a memory lane scent that I found myself using more and more.

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I couldn’t include that one in my polyvore mix and match because the website wouldn’t let me take the picture. This is a french brand called “Adopt'” or “la reserve naturelle”. There is few stores in France but not where I live. That brand is all about make up, skin care and lifestyle items such as mugs or make up bag. Love the concept and very pleased because I found their “eau de parfum” and the scent “Vanilla Coco” is a dream. It is summer holidays in a bottle. Sweet but very fresh and at such a tiny price. Honestly, a huge discovery for the perfume addict in me.




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