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Zoeva Palettes : First Impressions


ZOEVA Palettes : My First Impressions

I have to say that I have been wanting to order those bad boys a million time but as it wasn’t available in the Uk I wasn’t really keen. Sorry but Amazon can be a bitch ! Anyway, now that most of the Zoeva collection including all the So famous brushes are available in Selfridges well I couldn’t resist. I have send the hubby with a mission, I came back successful and I am in love.

The “En Taupe” palette retail for £18 and the Coral Spectrum Palette retail for £15. Honestly it is such a bargain for the quality you get. Packaging is very slim, easy to take on the go and very luxurious even if the price is small.

The brand is originally from Germany but all their products are made in Italy. It is paraben, oil and mineral free and it is enriched with vitamine E. I love the fact that there is no fragrance and that the pigmentation is high. On the different swatch picture some colors aren’t that pigmented but it is only because I am really tan so ti is really hard, it would have been easy with my usual vampire skin.


“En Taupe” Eyeshadow Palette

It is a cool tone with wearable colors and a beautiful easy to use palette and quite frankly I don’t own anything similar. You get 10 shadows, 4 are matte and 6 are shimmery. I could wear every single color and it is the first time in my life. The names are also very accurate and the size is very generous for the price. It is 1.5 gr for each eyeshadow so very good for the price of £18.

The pigmentation is there and my only problem (very little) is that it is a tiny bit powdery so make sure you remove the excess before applying. But other than that, it is easy to blend and to create different looks in second. This is a first impression so I have to put it to the test a little more but so far very good, the shadows last forever if you set everything with a spray or prime with something like urban decay prime potion.


I really enjoy the selection of taupe colors, it is not too brown or purple, just the right amount with lovely colors like “hour by hour” for your crease or “stitch by stitch” to highlight your eyebrows.

It is a stunning selection for an everyday look, easy to through in your purse and very affordable. The swatches are just one swipe so you can see that the pigmentation is there, no need to apply a tone, just a little is enough.


“Coral Spectrum” Palette

This is what caught my eyes at first. I don’t usually go toward coral colors but those one are a dream. I would even wear the brightest one during summer because you can create something very delicate.

The 4 colors are just perfect together but there is no name, that is a shame but I guess for £15 let’s not complain. My Favourite one is CR010, it is a less shimmery version of Orgasm by Nars. Stunning for spring and very versatile to use as an eyeshadow during summer. Two of the colors and matte, 1 is shimmery and 1 (CR040) is right in between, prefect to highlight some part of the face in my opinion.


The packaging is sleek and tiny, again easy to take everywhere and very well made. You get 4 x 3.8gr and it is so much more than most of my high end make up. I have some Channel powder that are way smaller than that.

Like I said for the eyeshadows those are also very powdery but I guess you can’t get pigmentation without being a bit powdery. The formula is very buttery and easy to apply. Be light handed and remove the excess, one swipe on the cheek, blend and you are good to go.

I have already tried it and I love it, It is love at the first sight and now I want the whole collection. It is THAT good.

Zoeva is available at Selfriges on Oxford Street and online, just type the name of the brand in the search bar. Now I have to get some brushes, I couldn’t ask my husband, poor thing! But there is such a hype that I need to see it with my own eyes. Keep your eyes peeled for a Zoeva Brushes haul guys.



2 thoughts on “Zoeva Palettes : First Impressions

  1. The prices you got them for make me want to go buy some! I am digging that blush palette and your pictures/swatches are lovely!

    Definitely followed, stop by my blog too if you’d like! Xoxo


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