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Spring Glow with L’Oréal Paris

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L’Oréal has never been my go to “drugstore” make up to be fair but lately they came up with really interesting new products. When I was in France I grabbed the Nude Magic Cushion because it wasn’t out yet in the Uk and a couple of weeks ago I grabbed the Lumi Magic Primer just because of Jacqueline Hill. True story and what a great discovery and change in my make up routine. Keep reading for a full review guys!


Lumi Magique Primer

Dear Lord, where do I began ? I honestly think that my life was pointless before I used that product. I am not going to lie apart from my serum, moisturizer and eye gel I wasn’t using anything to prime my face before make up. Then I watched a video of Jacqueline Hill and she convinced me.

It is less than £10 which is expensive for a drugstore product but so affordable compare to the highend one. I never really loved the Benefit Professional, too waxy for my skin but this one is all about glow and healthy skin. It is truly better than many expensive primer on the market and the texture is very different in a better way. It is in between a serum and a moisturizer so very easy to apply, you can really see where the product is going.

At first I was scared, it was very glittery but once on the skin it doesn’t show. You just end up with a very healthy, sun kissed face. Ideal to prime before foundation. You can also use it as a highlighter but I am more of a powder highlighter so for me it is best as a primer. But I used it once under my eyes and what a glow. It sets your concealer like nothing else and you under eyes look like you had few more hours of sleep.

Personally I use two pumps for my whole face and it is enough, so I guess now I have added another step to my make up routine but there is a huge difference. This give you a more natural finish, make your foundation glides on easily and also make your make up last longer. Not to mention that it gives your skin a whole day of hydration which means that your face will not beg to be moisturize at the end of the day.

It is a drugstore gem, beware you are going to see that baby over and over on the blog.


Nude Magique Cushion 

I have the Color 03 Vanilla and it is the perfect shade for me. The formula is totally different from everything I tried before. I use my beauty blender, not the sponge because even if it is a different sponge well I don’t trust it.

If you can, use the testers in your local drugstores because even if you are fair (like me) it doesn’t mean that you need to get the lightest shade with that foundation. It is a very luminous and light weight texture so that is mainly why you need to swatch it before getting one, don’t trust the colors online.

The formula is very fresh and blendable, it is a pleasure to put that on in the morning. You can build the foundation if you need a better coverage but for me one application all over the face was ok. It is very sheer and luminous, I can’t get enough of the glow that product brings to my skin. It is also enriched with an SPF of 25 which is great because summer is just around the corner so cover and protection at the same time is very good.

I have put that foundation to test over 2 weeks and each time I was so pleased, it doesn’t look caky, fade naturally a little bit throughout the day and if you lock your face with powder and a setting spray you are good to go for an entire day.

I am really in love and as I said I am all about glowy, dewy skin skin and this foundation has it all. It is less than £10 in the uk and available mainly at boots at the moment. You don’t need to be an expert to use it and it cover really well imperfections.





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