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BirchBox May 2016


Birch box May 2016 – For the Dreamer…

I am again, pretty happy with my box this month. Can I just also mention that they change the provider for delivery and it is way better? No more boxes on the loose and very efficient delivery, love it!

The theme of the month is “For the Dreamer…” Ok but I don’t really see the link with products. I love the selection, the only thing I am really pissed about is the perfume sample, like really ? I can get that everywhere for free so thanks but no thank you for future boxes. I get to try new things this month and I am not going to lie, I can’t wait to try the Ole Henriksen wipes, such a fan girl of the brand.


Spectrum Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge (full size)

So we had the choice between pink and purple, for me unicorn tears are purple! Period. I am really pleased to try another beauty sponge. Since I tried the Real techniques one, I am a die hard fan and this one is full size so why not. I am really in love with he brush I received from the same company previously so I can’t wait.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (full size)

Again, I am not going to lie I rolled my eyes to that product. It is full size and very expensive (£18) but I opened it and the wand is the kind I love, curvy and flexible. I also like that it is very black and well, we will see it might be good.


Philip Kinglsey Pk Prep Polishing Balm

I love Philip Kingsley, you can find most of the products range in Mark and Spencer by the way. This is in between a serum and a balm I guess and it provide Pro Vitame B5. It protect, smooth and style your hair. Love it, I have really short hair all over again so perfect.

OleHenriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloth

Every Youtuber/Blogger has mentioned that brand and those wipes in the past. Quite hard to find in the Uk and very expensive. I am very pleased to get 10 days to give it a go because I am a wipes person to remove my make up and moisturize my skin. The formula is full of Vitamins and brighten the skin so it sounds very good.

Puriskin Rersurfacing Formula

I do not know the brand but I love little pots full of miracles. It is meant to calm redness and irritation and I do have some on my cheeks and chin. Believe it or not those products are pretty rare because my skin is good I don’t have any particular spots, dryness or scars and redness is usually not taken seriously so I am happy to put that to the test.


Givenchy Live Irrésistible Fragrance

This is a Joke, I am really fed up those samples. The perfume smells really good though but please stop sending those easy samples, after all we are paying for those box so it is a bit rude in a way.

Overall I love it. Not a big fan of the bow though. You have to scratch it to reveal the design and see if you have won the holidays competition. Of course mine is not a winner box but it was annoying to scratch and I am sure notr going ro keep the box, such a waste ! But the products are amazing so once again keep on going the good job Birchbox !



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