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The End of Longing (Theater Review)


How can I began this review ? Shall I give you the pitch, my direct thoughts ? It’s really hard to review a play because it is totally different from a movie in so many ways.

This is obviously a play with Matthew Perry, He wrote the play and the main character here is him. I have to admit that I chose that play because I love the actor, Yes I am guilty but I am almost 30 and you can imagine that I am a real “Friend” fan. But my Hubby wanted to see it and I thought it would be the perfect Birthday gift!

Critics are really harsh with that play, In my opinion it was brilliant, well written and very smart. I love the sarcastic humor and I fell in Love with all the characters. It was also very emotional and I didn’t expect being that much in love with the story, at the end I was sad to let them go.

In a nutshell, Jack is an alcoholic Photographer, Stephanie is a Prostitute, Joseph is stupid but very gentle and Stevie a neurotic woman working for a company selling drugs. Both gender are friends, they meet in a bar and then relationship began. It is about life, addiction and friendship written in a very delicate but yet gripping way.

Capture d’écran 2016-05-13 à 12.12.47

Matthew Perry is breath taking, if you dig a little bit in his personal life you can tell that the role he gave himself was partly from his own story. He was an alcoholic and drug addict and he has been on a long journey for recovery since then. I think in a way it is purgatory for him and of course it is funny.

It is a “laugh out loud” comedy with a lot of sad an happy moment. You get angry, scared and very confused all along with all the four characters. The humor is well placed and the dialogues are short and efficient. You never get bored or annoyed at any moment and that is for me the main point of any live entertainment.

It is a true performance, being only four during almost two hours and a half is exhausting. There is a lot of costumes changes and the scenes are quickly fading into each other. You don’t see the time going and at end you want more.

Capture d’écran 2016-05-13 à 12.12.32

I don’t know what I was expecting to be fair. Seeing Matthew Perry just in front of me performing was incredible and he is so good at what he is doing. Now the play is over, it ended few nights ago but I am hoping for something new very soon.

I have to say that this play would make an amazing movie. It is nothing exceptional but anyone can relate to a scene or a character. He describes situations and feelings so well and so deeply that it is almost scary. Almost every scene end with a joke and after all that is all what we should do, having a laugh in any circumstances and Perry got the memo because I left the Theatre with a huge smile on face.



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