Planner Addict

Etsy Sticker Haul #4


Another month another haul, but beware a little bird told me it is not going to be the only one. Anyway, this month I have ordered from two of my regular shops and two new ones so I am pretty excited to tell you guys about those amazing shops, ladies and of course stickers.


The Plump Planner

Since I started in the “Planning” world I think I have ordered 6 or 7 times already. The stickers are amazing, she design new ones every week and  I always get 10% discount. Usually when I order it is dispatched the next day. Lovely service, very talented lady and amazing choice of stickers. She does not open her shop all the time so keep your eyes peeled but it is an amazing value for your money Etsy shop and the quality is there. Her new summer theme are adorable and it is always in a huge quantity. I love the “mask” face and the ice cream theme, pretty and simple at the same time.


Small Stuff Creations

I have already made a whole blogpost about that lady and her shop (I know!) But I need to mention her again. I have only ordered 3 sheets this time but look how gorgeous it looks. I wish she could come up with some new decorative stickers because most of what she have matches perfectly most of my weekly theme. The small “E” are for Etsy orders so perfect if you order many things like me, the tiny size make it more easy to add to my daily designs. Such a small price and very fast shipping.


Happy Cutie Studio

I wanted to order those stickers for a long time now. It is £2.00 a sheet so quite pricy and I couldn’t justify splurging. When I saw the little “planners” I couldn’t resist and the “donuts” well I am weak and I collect stickers with donuts on it. I ordered because I had a discount code, I find her shipping rate a bit pricy but this way I was very happy. Delivery is fast, the letter it comes in is adorable, super duper cute packaging and lovely sample sheet. I really recommend that shop and will order more in the future.


The Precious Planner

Same here, I wanted to order for such a long time but I hardly hesitated. Those birthday cake stickers are so so pretty and I needed some for my Hubby birthday week so why not. She has got some weekly theme for just £2.50 that fit my Planner so well. The only thing that really bothered my was again shipping rate, it is £2 so very expensive if you want to order one or two things. I decided myself because once again she had a discount code on her instagram and it was worth it. I am using next week this “Aztec” theme and it already looks so pretty. I will for sure splurge again.



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