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Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar


Like Britney would say “Oops I did it Again”. I splurged my money again on one of the well know Too Faced Chocolate Bar. I owned the original one that I adore and this one was calling my name. I love all the colors, Yes I can make that blue shade work and It is perfect for my eye color. This palette was made for me, true story.

This retail here for £39 I think but I got it from Sephora France which is a bit cheaper and what a nice addition to my family of palette. Too Faced palettes are my favorites, their shadows are amazing in terms of quality and the packaging is cute as hell. Not to mention the chocolate scent that is always a pleasure in the morning.


I love the fact that they have upgraded the packaging, in the original the names of the shadows are on a plastic paper so you need to keep it as your life depends on it. In this version the names are in the palette (Woop Woop!).

The palette contain 16 shades, you get mattes, shimmery, creamy you name it. It is warmer than the original one and the cool tone are amazing. I love the color “peanut butter” for the crease and any bronze/chocolate colors are amazing in quality and pigmentation. I haven’t swatched everything as it is not new but I did a few to give you an idea (it is only a tiny swipe on my hand and you can already see the crazy pigmentation).

There isn’t that much of fall out and it is easy to blend with one another. Also “Butter Pecan” is amazing as an highlighter to lift the color of your brows or to give a shine in the inner corner of your eyes (Also, the size is very generous compare to the other one).


I am totally in love and very pleased. When you brake the price, you get a lot in terms of quality and value for your money. I love the idea, all the shades are wearable but yes there is a little bit of fall out (you can’t get pigmentation and no fall out guys!) and yes you need to prime your eyes or get a creamy eyeshadow underneath to make it last longer. But overall I warmly recommend that baby because I use it almost every day.



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