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Summer Scent : Coachella 05 Primark



It has been a long time since I have talked about a scent (well not really, it was in my favorite last month, but anyway!) and this one is such an enormous surprise.

Primark is not the place I am thinking about for many things and to be honest I mainly shop there for my pyjamas. But from time to time I like to wonder around the beauty area. Last year I have discovered “Miami” which was indeed a splash of a Miami Night Out in your face and I loved it.

I am kind of running out of my favorite perfumes and I like expensive ones or hard to find gems. In the mean time I need to smell good so finding sweet or nice cheap floral scent is a very good alternative for my budget.

I was attracted to “Coachella 05” straight away because of the colors, every Londoners need some summer in their lives these days. Trust me it is winter all over again! But when I smelled it I was transported into another world. Fruity, floral and sweet it is all at the same time for the price of £2.


It is a 10ml roller ball so perfect on the go. On the packaging the notes are describes very well “A fruity floral fragrance for the passionate and energetic woman, with notes of orange, peach, jasmine, sandalwood, musk and Vanilla”. In one (or two!) words, Summer Time in a roller ball.

Now I need to get the bottle, the price is £6 so very affordable and to me a true dupe for the Marc Jacobs “Daisy” that I own. I love how you can discover hidden gems when you are not looking. Primark is full of surprises so wonder around. You will thank me later.




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