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Tv Show Alert : Teen Wolf


I am kind of ashamed of myself and very exited at the same time to talk about that show. Ashamed because it is for teenagers and I am 15 years or more older than the average “fans” of that show. Not that I am a fan, let’s be real I have passed that phase in my life a long time ago. I am just interested enough to scroll websites, discussions and instagram to find more about characters and stories.

I started watching about 2 weeks ago and now I am on season 3. I still have 3 seasons to catch up on but donut worry, I’ll be there very soon. Hubby and I are dedicated and I am going to tell you why.

First thing first, what is it about ? The short version : about a teenage werewolf. There you go, that wasn’t hard ! But joke apart, it is what is says. Scott is a normal 16 years old boy (Tyler Posey) to beggin with and one night something bite him and then everything change. He is surrounded by a Goofy but smart friend, Stiles and love interest Allison. Also as recurring characters you have Lydia, wannabe popular girl with a huge attitude and Jackson the abercrombie model – La Cross star player.


Well ok it sounds boring and chessy but doesn’t it ring a bell for you, TV oldies ? To me it sounds like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Scott is buffy, funny and center of attention. Stiles is Xander mixed with Willow, no super powers but very sarcastic and so lovable. Lydia is Cordelia, stupid but smart and if you dig deeply there is a heart. Jackson is a combinaison of many “pretty boys”, let’s be realistic you always need one. And if you take every character they can be associate with another one. Derek can be Angel (Kinda!), The Vet is totally Giles and Stiles Dad is Buffy’s Mom. Like how more similar it can be ???? Love it !

It is a combinaison of laugh out loud moment and serious matters. The School is the center of everything (again, ring a bell ? Totally Buffy right ?) and you get a bunch of teenagers dealing with apocalyptique situations. I just can’t tell you with words my love for that show, last time I was passionate (and still!) is when I discovered Pretty Little Liars but this time it is about paranormal stuff and that is my jam guys.

Capture d’écran 2016-06-01 à 01.24.10

It is very well written, the Werewolves are believable and very well made. You get some “meh” CGI moment but overall, thumbs up for the special effects. Let’s be real, they probably hired the same team of make up artists as in Buffy because those Werewolves look like those damn old school vampires.There is something about the fangs, nose and weird piercing eye colors.

I have read somewhere that they have presented the show as a reboot of Buffy in terms of location and humour. Honestly too bad Joss Whedon is not working on it, it could have been even more epic. Love the actual Big Dog behind all the fuss, Jeff Davis because man, that guy had a brilliant idea. You get caught like a kid in front of cartoon or a middle age wife reading an erotic novel. You always want to know more and every single episodes ends on a cliffhanger. It is just insane.


I have to mention that it is based on 1985 Teen Wolf movie starring Michael J. Fox. Only the idea is related because whereas the 1985 version is more “funny” and soft, this one is darker and way more deep in the subject. Not to mention that Michael J. Fox was very cute as a Werewolf but Damn it, there was too much hairs going on.

Of course if a very positive review, I have nothing bad to say about it. It is very solid, consistant and I love the stories, background and choice of actors. And yes, I am “again” watching a show that involved a girl named “Allison”. I swear I do not have a problem with my ego. Anyway, just watch it please and then we can talk or you can thank me and just in case “you are welcome”.



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