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Clinique Pop Lacquer in “Sugar Pop”


This is a huge favorite of mine at the moment. I have to say that they have step up their game lately. Clinique was for me a bit old fashion, the kind of brand your Mom goes for and I have to say that I am impressed. I am already totally in love with the Pop lipsticks and now the Pop Lacquer got me under their spell.

Let me start by saying that Tati (from the youtube channel GlamLifeGuru) totally got me into it. It was in one of her Haul I believe and I just fell in love with color and swatch. I wanted to get one a few weeks ago but some pretty bad reviews made me think twice about getting anything from that range. I went in store, swatched “Sugar Pop” and well you know the rest of the story, I am writing it.

I got it a week ago ad since then I have been wearing that bad boy every single day. I love the effortless formula of that product. I don’t need to line my lips or think about it, I apply it, make sure it is even and then I do whatever I have to do. I work in retail so let me tell you that the staying power is enough for 3 to 4 hours. It is the time I have before and after my lunch so it is very practical for a person like me.

Now the Formula is very nourishing, it doesn’t dry my lips and it is very comfortable to wear. It is veryΒ Luxurious but yet lightweight formula with built-in primer which glides on effortlessly. The opacity is more of a subtle shine with bolder coverage. It doesn’t stick and the pigmentation is very good for a “glossy” product. It doesn’t make any patches on my lips and it hydrates for hours.


I got “Sugar Pop” because those colors are my jam. It is a pink nude with a mauve undertone. It compliments nicely the color of my skin and enhance the volume of lips, I feel that this formula make my lips more plump. It is a very nice and natural finish that is really hard to get in any kind of gloss type formula.

Beware, When I was swatching some colors in store I got very surprised. Some of the colors are shimmery (like love pop) and some others does not come out as pigmented or true to their names or the color in the jar (like lava pop, more orange than red). So be careful if you order online.

The applicator is great, easy and bouncy, it grabs in one swipe the right amount of product without waste. The packing is really sleek and simple, easy to bring everywhere and I love the fact that the cap of the product is reflective so you can use it as a mirror, very clever.

Overall, I recommend warmly that range from Clinique, just do yourself a favor and swatch the colors in store. It is around the Β£16 mark which is expensive but when you are a lip products addict well, that doesn’t really matter. Next color I want ? Peace Pop, I need to try a bright one! Also they need to come out with more vivd colors.



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