Planner Addict

Sticker Haul #5


I know, I have to make a blogpost on something else than Stickers in the “Planner Addict” category but I have an addiction, I am sorry. Anyway, here is the Etsy Sticker Haul number 5 and as per usual The Plump Planner is part of it plus two other great shops, enjoy and please go and visit their shops, it is worth it.


Happy Cutie Studio

I believe I talked about that very same shop in my last haul but I love the quality and service. That shop has great original design and how can you resist ? Those are so Kawaii with the little faces, it is adorable. I couldn’t stop myself from getting those super cute “face cream” stickers, I mean so great to remind me to buy cream or to put on a mask or something, brilliant. Then the shop came out with blogger stickers, “plan” / “write” / “upload”, so perfect for me and every blogger out there. Finally the “clean fridge” was so precious and I need a real reminder for that, like really.



I love that shop and it is the second time I am ordering I believe. Those dreamcatchers are better in real life. I wasn’t sure when I ordered but very pleased when I opened the envelop. That shop is very serious, affordable and unique in some ways. I ordered Mother’s Day and Wedding stickers from them and believe me those kind of stickers are not really easy to find in the Uk. Also follow them on instagram for example for promo code, I got mine on discount.


The Plump Planner

Yes I know, no surprise. I still want to share what I ordered. I do believe that this lady need a lot of support and a little extra publicity won’t hurt anybody. You probably think that I have a partnership or something with her but nope, trust me she got all my money without offering me anything, I am more than willing to pay. This is so affordable, lovely, and she update her designs every week. There is something for everybody and every time I spend between £10 et £15 within a blink of an eye. The only down side is that she is not open all the time, so follow her on instagram for updates guys.



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