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NYX Lip Butter Favs + Review


I wanted to do that Post a long time ago but I wasn’t sure, I needed to fall in love with more colors. Now with six colors I think we are ok. The collection is huge, so it is really hard to get your head around, but now that we have a NYX counter in almost every boots it is easier to swatch and choose, online it was a mess. Anyway, those six colors are just perfect, goes with everything and for me are must have.

Let’s talk about the formula before. It is buttery, smooth and it’s smells like vanilla cake batter. It beats all my expensive lipgloss and it is pigmented. I just can’t get enough. Not to mention the price, under a fiver so everybody wins. It last also a very long time if you put a lip liner underneath but if you don’t want to bother, one swipe and you are good to go. I really recommend those lip butter more than anything, if you want to grab something from NYX that would be that particular product in any color.



It is the most recent of them all. I wanted a true nude for a day to day basis and this one is just perfect. It is very pigmented but not too much, the amount of brown doesn’t appear that dark on the lips and with a nude lipstick underneath, just perfect combo alert!

Vanilla Cream Pie

My favorite of all time. I have talked about it a dozen time I think on here, social medias etc. But still it is a great color for any time of the year and if you pair it with a darker lipstick or lip liner you get that pinky nude color that is so great and hard to get, and for a very cheap price.

Angel Food Cake

This is the perfect  match for my “MAC Plumful”. I never looked at that color because I thought it was too nudy brown but I was very wrong. It is a nice plum with slight pink undertone, I just love it when I mix it with Plumful, so glossy and so pretty.

Maple Blondie

Not going to lie, love the name! It is a rosie coral with a vibrant undertone. I love to wear it just like that, it is a very lovely pop of color on summer days. Beware if you don’t like bright color, it is not that pigmented but if you prefer pinky or nude tone this one is not for you.

Strawberry Parfait

I think it is the first one I got. Back when NYX was only in Next here in England. It is a bright fuchsia, lovely in summer or maybe during fall. I love to pair it with a less bright color to fight the undertone that can make my teeth look yellow, but still it is in my top 6 so try it out.


This is THE color for summer. Pink, bright and vibrant ! Of course that looks great without anything else but if you want to add a lip liner of the same color that is even better. This one is a true Fuchsia without any undertone and it is way more pigmented that any other. You might be surprise by how good it looks on the lips.





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