Summer Fashion Haul

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So I know it isn’t exactly summer, we just have to wait two more days but anyway I live in the Uk and it is never really summer. I guess what I am trying to say is that let’s be positive and put some sun into our wardrobes. I recently purchased some fashion piece online and in store and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Most of the things I got were bought on the Asos Website. It was my second order as I ordered already my bridesmaid dress a few month back but I never really got into buying everyday clothe on that website and what a mistake.

I just want to say first that “normal” free shipping when you buy for £20 or more is pretty terrible guys. I didn’t pay more because I wasn’t in a rush of getting my clothe but what a stress. I think it is worth paying for next day delivery, trust me because I think I got myself some grey hair in the process of tracking my order.

The size are “true to size” and for the price the quality is amazing. That Little black dress is just phenomenal and very cute, it is the kind of piece you can’t get tired of and that will last forever. The pastel spotty t-shirt is also very cute, it will be amazing on a pair of jeans or simply with a white skirt. I love the cute and simple clothe they have and honestly it is better quality than most of the high street brands.

The only thing I got in store is the sleeveless stripy shirt, I got it from New Look and don’t be fooled, even if it looks like a pair of PJ well it is so easy to trough it on a pair of black jeans or a legging. I became more and more into simple clothe the past few years and I love being comfy, all of those clothe are answering to my needs without braking the bank.

I love Asos System, you collect point and get free stuff. I am particularly broke this month but I got free next day delivery on my next order plus a 20% so I think it is very generous and so great for returning customers. Trust me I work in retail and and even if it is a trick to get you to buy more well it is a real one and I appreciate it.

I didn’t spend that much, around £90 for everything, which is not too bad. I didn’t know what size to pick and the model wears a 18 on those photos and I am around the same size, as I like to wear my clothe large I chose a 22 and it was perfect and not too big. If you pick a bigger size in a New Look store for exemple, it can be really big, like enormous. But here it is still flattering and very feminine.

That is one of the best part of Asos, you get that “curve” section but all those clothe are cute and not made especially for curvy woman. Sometimes when I look at big sizes in some stores I am very upset because there isn’t much difference with maternity clothe or old lady clothe. Asos is just extending their sizes to normal and fashionable clothe and it is very uplifting. I don’t feel any different, I am just few size bigger so what.

In few words I will order again and I appreciate the wide range of options and prices. I need to try some trousers and jeans just to check if the quality is as good. New Look is also a great option but sometimes the clothe are not very nice, you get many more things online so don’t forget that the brand offers click and collect for free.



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